Guess what guys, I have only gone and got myself a new red BMW. Ok ok uncle pete is actually paying for it and driving it at the moment but he told me that technically it’s mine. This is really great news for me cause now I won’t be Mortified any more. I finally have a decent set of wheels to drive me around in. It’s great. Uncle Pete and auntie Laura are so cool 🙂 hope I grow up to be just like them.

We hosted another BBQ tonight. It was swell. I have done loads of entertaining lately. I am so the hostess with the mostess and next weekend is going to be my biggest party ever. Can’t wait to see Ye all.

Mummy and daddy got me all the extra cartoon channels now I have loads to choose from. Mummy is seriously worried about my cartoon addiction. I wish she wouldn’t worry they are very educational and I am learning loads.

So guys that’s all from me for tonight.

Talk to ye all really soon. Love ye guys B x x

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