Hey guys, today daddy travelled back to Cork to say goodbye to his Uncle John. I wished I got to meet this guy more in the last year because the way that mummy and daddy speak about him, well he sounds like a legend. We both had a busy year so only got to meet a few times. Uncle John has gone to heaven now and he will be looking out for me from now on so I am in safe hands.

My godfather Mark came to see me today. Guys you are never going to believe what he got me. Ok, ok I will tell you – he only went and got me ELMO. I am so happy I really don’t know what to do. I now have all my favourite TV characters. How lucky am I to have such a great Godfather!

Today I am in a little more pain. This is because the doctor lowered my does of Morphine. This is making me really cranky and to be honest it’s a real pain in the nappy. Every time I move or cough by poor chest is really sore. I hope this pain goes away really soon and I can go home because to be honest I am getting a little bored up here. Mummy won’t take me for walks anymore as there are loads of bugs and nasty infections in Crumlin and mummy is really afraid that I will pick one up. Oh man – this means that not only am I not allowed to leave the hospital, now I am not allowed to leave my little room. It feels like I am in jail. So guys I would really like if you would all say a big prayer that the nice doctor will call today and say that all is great with me and I can go home tomorrow. I can’t wait to get back to the beautiful south.

Love ye all loads, your Baby B x x

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