Hey guys:-) I really hope you all had a fantastic week. I had such a cool time as always, enjoying my life.

However mummy has been happy and sad this week. She is really sad because one of our heart family’s had a really awful week. Baby Ava who has heterotaxy like me earned her angel wings today. She was just two days old. Fly high little Ava, have fun in heaven with holy God. Ava’s mummy Alexandra has been following my blog, mummy said to let you know that we are all here for you always.

Also mummy wants the other heart mums who are pregnant now and who are following my blog also to remember that Ava is a very special baby. She is a beautiful soul and she got to go straight to heaven and earned her beautiful wings earlier than the rest of us. That doesn’t mean the same thing will happen to your little ones. Mummy has given you her mobile number so please call us any time you need to talk. I love talking. Also mummy knows how you all feel. She felt that way as well. It is terrifying and scary.

Look at all of us heart warriors we are brave and strong so you need to keep fighting through this very hard and difficult time for us. My mummy went through this last year. In fact it was this day the 3rd of September that she first heard that there could be something wrong with my heart. She had to wait until the 17 th of September to finally hear the words ” I am sorry there is something wrong with you baby’s heart” she was told that I would earn my angel wings the day I was born and the cord was cut. However I wanted to stick around and see what trouble I could get into here so I had a word with holy god and he granted my mummy and daddy a miracle. This is what the doctors told my mummy when I was born. I was a miracle.

Mummy and daddy’s wedding anniversary was on Tuesday. I couldn’t believe when I heard that mummy and daddy had a big wedding just like Louise and Peter. I was really upset that I was not invited. Mummy explained to me that I was just a sparkle in Daddy’s eye during their wedding. Well if I had Sparkles on that day then they wouldn’t have even had to get me a new dress.

Then to top it all off it’s mummy’s birthday today. She is so old – like I am talking 33 years old old. Oh my goodness I am mortified. She is going out tonight with daddy to celebrate their anniversary and mummy’s birthday. You guessed it guys – I am not invited AGAIN. Oh man. The only good thing about all this is that auntie Laura and Uncle Pete are minding me. That means major fun time for me.

Uncle Pete is wrapped around my finger guys. He will literally do anything I want. Last week at Louise’s wedding I threw special agent Oso on the ground a hundred times and he picked him up for me each time. I think he may be a bit slow unfortunately. I would have copped on the first two times I picked him up. Poor uncle Pete just wasn’t getting it. I thought it was so hilarious that I screamed with laughter and still Nada. Oh well I guess we can’t all be geniuses like me. Oh and talking about geniuses and me I started standing all by my self this week. I am super proud of myself. Well done me.

So that concludes my week. As you can see we are having good times and sad times this week in my house hold. Please say a prayer for my friend Ava and her family. Until next week guys, as always your Baby B x x


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