I wonder will every day be so eventful. I am only 34.5 hours out in the world and it is all drama. This morning I got a visit from mummy and daddy. This was nice as they got to see me up in the ICU unit where I was queen. Being the biggest baby was cool but then one of the nurses called a taxi. Next thing I know me and daddy are in the back of a big yellow transit with flashing blue lights and off across town to Crumlin.

I just get in the door and got my own room. It is a nice room with a bath but no toilet so I will have to stick to the nappy. Leaves a mess but hey, it’s not my fault!

Next I get an echo on my heart, an ECG and blood tests and swabs. No wonder I am tired.

Dad and I are chilling out now. He is staying with me. Helena called to see me earlier. It was really nice to see her in person after hearing her talk to mummy and daddy a few times. Tomorrow I am being christened and also am goin to meet my grandparents and godparents. Auntie Laura did manage to come see me. She is beautiful like me but……. I thought she would be a little taller. I am half her height already.

Now I am off for a nap. I need my rest so I can eat every three hours. It’s tough going but what’s a girl to do.

Love ye all.

B. Xx x

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