Adios Leinster

Well guys. It’s nearly here. Tomorrow I have been told I am to be granted parole. Dad says I need to get down home so I can get a Munster jersey as he is afraid Leinster will try and recruit me.

It’s great to be going home but it is just one step on my journey. My wonderful clinical nurse specialist was in a minute ago and was explaining to mummy and daddy what to look out for to make sure I am ok. Even though I am left out today I still have at least two heart surgeries ahead. She said that when I have the first that I may seem worse for a while after but this will be good for me in the long run! Also I will need to go to the doctor in the Cork hospital every week and will need to go to Crumlin every couple of weeks. All my nana’s and granda are packing to go home as I type.

Today I also met my new friend Jay. He is like me as he is really special and was telling me about what I will do as I get my treatments. He is really nice an so is his mummy and daddy, Anita and Jimmy. They brought me a beautiful pink blanket with my name and date of birth on it. It is real girly. I love it! They also got me a hetrotaxy bracelet which i cant wait to wear with pride! I am a little worried as I was hoping to meet Abbeys mummy tomorrow before I go but I am not sure what way the times will go.

Daddy is gone home to our Dublin apartment to get my seat for the car and is coming back to mind me. He might be in for along night as I am really excited. His only hope is the long day I had today. Daddy took me for a test where they put a dye into me and then watched it on the screen. It was really sore but daddy said I was really brave.

Anyway. I am going to go and say goodbye to all my lovely nurses. I will update ye on my trip and my release tomorrow!

Love ye all.

B. Xx x

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