Another First!

Hey guys. Sorry I did not update ye all yesterday. I had bit of a tough day with all the tests. I am enjoying today though. Had a nice relaxing time and am enjoying all my firsts. Today is my first Tuesday! Do all Tuesday’s be the same cause if all Mondays are I don’t think I will like that day.

Yesterday I woke up with daddy looking like someone who had been awake for a week. I don’t know why he does not sleep when I am having my three hours. He blames the alarms that keep going off for my oxygen levels but the range is just set wrong. I can ignore it so I wish he would.

Then just around breakfast time mummy arrived and daddy took me down stairs. Daddy put me on this bed and these two horrible women strapped me to it and tied my hands over my head. Another woman had a remote control and was spinning me around. Eventually after a bit of crying I got a bottle of something. It was not like normal and when I drank it they watched it on the tv as they could see it go into my stomach. Then they saw that it is very slow to leave so I then had to come back for three more X-rays. The surgeons have to come back and tell me what will they do to help this but they never came today so I will have to wait until tomorrow. I also got my heel test.

My doctor told me today that while I may have a spleen, it is not functioning as it should so I now have to go on antibiotics to help me. I think I might be on these for good. This will mean that no one can visit me if they are sick or have a cold as it will not be good for me!

My nurses have changed again tonight. I am not sure if I like the look of the new one. I had Amy last night who not only looked after me but was trying to ensure daddy could sleep too and was so nice. During the day Jie is on a different room so I have Val and Rachel. I really do love all these girls cause they are so good to us all.

My godfather called in to me again today and brought me a present. Can’t wait to get to spend it on nice stuff for me. Also I can’t wait to go home. Mummy told me that our friend Vicki has a load of stuff for me so I want to see her and thank her and give her a big kiss.

Now I think I might go for a nap before my next bit of grub. I am still trying to decide if I will leave daddy sleep tonight or not. Haha.

Hope you like my pic. Auntie Laura took this of me after one of my tests. She caught me with my “not another X-ray” face.

Will update ye all again tomorrow guys!

Love ye.

B. Xx x

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