Another Party

Hi guys, hope ye all had a great week. I had a blast this week. I have so many social engagements coming up I just don’t know what I am going to do. Today I went to my friends Daisy’s first birthday party. It was so much fun. She has the best toys ever. Also I got a present as well. It’s a hello kitty hat. I just love it guys. If this is the way party’s go I want to go to one every week. I just love getting presents.

So my mummy’s godmother is coming to visit me this week. I think I have my good manners perfected for her. I don’t know if you remember this but she is from England and is friends with the Queen. Can you see why I am stressed out now about my behaviour? I am going to try and be super good but these hissy fits just happen. It’s like they come out if no where guys and you can’t control them.

Also I am afraid to tell you that mummy and daddy are winning with there “routine” I am now sleeping at night time again and I am back in my own Cot. I must say I am feeling much better getting a whole nights sleep and not waking every hour. Don’t tell mummy and daddy that however. I don’t want to admit that I was wrong and they were right. That would just not do at all.

My nana Rose is having a really big birthday next week. She is sooooo old. I am mortified. I thought daddy was old but nana is even older than that. It’s ok cause I will still love her no matter how old she is 😉 we have a really big weekend planned next weekend for Nana. First we are going to Fota Zoo and we are going to have a picnic there. Then we are getting professional family photos taken in Fota gardens so Nana will have a lovely family photo of all of us for her wall. Then mummy, daddy and my other nana and grand dad are all going to the grey hound racing night for dinner and a fun night at the dogs. Auntie Laura and uncle Pete are minding me so it’s ok. I always have loads of fun with them. They are the best auntie and uncle in the whole world guys. It helps that they just love me. I can’t do nothing wrong in their eyes.

On Sunday we are all going to Nana Rose’s mobile home for the festival. There is fancy dress and a big street parade. It’s going to be so much fun. Mummy and I were there last year as well but I don’t remember ’cause I was in mummy’s tummy then.

So guys I have a really busy week ahead of me. I really need to go and get some beauty sleep. Not that I need it – Ha Ha, but mummy really, really, really does so better let her get some.

Goodnight world – see you in the morning and I will talk to you all next week. I can’t wait to let you all know how I got on.

Love you all lots – your Baby B x x

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