Banna Bay

Hey guys, well it’s been a long time coming but here goes. My holidays were AMAZING, I cant believe that I get to go on one or even more than one every year. How did I not know about these before now!

We did so many amazing things, I met Minnie and Mickey mouse, went to the pool and the beach nearly every day, we went to the circus, Torc Waterfall, Dingle, Tralee and so many more wonderful places. Every night I went to the shows and the kids discos and I made a lovely Friend named Caitronia, I danced the nights away with her while our mummy’s and daddy’s danced around us trying to keep us out of trouble.

Then just as I was well and truly getting used to the high life, BANG mummy and daddy took me home and that was the end of that. I guess that’s when the holiday blues really set in. I got so down in the dumps that I got really nasty tonsillitis. This is not good guys, the doctor says if I keep getting this then I will probably need another operation to remove them. Oh man I am only 19 months, please give me a break!!!!!

Anyway it took me a week or so to get over this but thankfully I am all better now and back to enjoying my wonderful life. Mummy and daddy are back on the ” trying to get me in a routine route” seriously will these two EVER learn that I live by my own rules.

My auntie Mon and uncle Ashley are over from Canada this week just to say “hi” to me! I thought it was pretty nice of them to come all that way just to see me, so I was extra good when they popped into visit. I even gave them one of Grand Michaels’ precious Apples.

Another good thing about them being here is I don’t have to work half as hard as I usually do. You see they are minding my Nana Rose and Auntie Lauretta this week – phew, this means I am not half as busy. It’s really hard work keeping my two Nana’s entertained all week when mummy and daddy go to work you know. Even though I do miss my Nana and etta so much despite the amount of entertaining I have to do

So now I have only one nana to mind this week, to be honest I am still finding that even hard going! Today for example my Nana spent the full day asking me the same question over and over ” who do you love the most? ” then telling me to answer “Frances” ! Can somebody please tell me what ” Frances” is? I don’t have a clue but it seems to keep her happy when I say Frances. I think it may be some kind of joke because when she says it in front of people and I answer “Frances” everyone laughs, I guess it must be.

So that’s all from me at the moment guys. I have zillions of holiday snaps that I just have to bore you with, so here goes…….

Signing off your well travelled little Lady B x x

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