Bath Time

Hey guys. I am getting used to this life. Wake up and give a few moans and they feed me. Back for a nap and then the same. I don’t even have to go to the toilet. Just go in my nappy and someone cleans it. Dad said when he gets old I might have to change him. Haha. After last night dad headed off for a rest but took mummy shopping first. They bought me a car seat, a pram and a buggy. Daddy also got me new bottles, steriliser and dummy’s. He loves me. Mummy got me new bibs and blankets and a few other bits. She also made me some milk which was really yummy. Can’t wait till she comes to visit tomorrow so I can have some more!

This morning I was sleeping and Jie woke me up. I was a little upset at first but all she wanted was to weigh me, wash me and get me dressed so I can’t blame her. The bad news is she has a day off tomorrow so I am going to miss her. The picture is of Jie helping me with my bath. Don’t tell anyone but she is my favourite in here.

Tomorrow is a big day as it is the start of all my tests. Dr McMahon and his team will be checking my bowels, stomach and lots of other things during the week so please everyone say a prayer for me as ye all did before.

Anyway I must go and start crying so I can get a bit of grub.

Love ye all

Chat soon.

B. Xx x

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