Best day ever

Well guys today was probably one of the best days I have had since I arrived in this crazy mad world. Mummy and daddy had to work till one o clock today cause they are both really busy with work. Daddy got up really early to catch up on his work so he could finish early and spend the day with us. We discussed it during the week and decided that we had to have a family day, just the three of us. Mummy and daddy have done nothing but work since I was born and I am so not impressed by this guys. Life is for living not working 24 / 7 like these two do.

Anyway I finally got both of them all to myself today so we started with lunch in the bosun. It was yummy, mummy let me taste a little of her cake and it was soooo good guys. Then we all went to Kinsale where we sat looking out over the water for a while. It’s beautiful down there. I really recommend that you go there. Mummy got us so many beautiful things in Kinsale, I got a ladybird bag that’s super cute and I can use it for my bits and bobs that I need when I go out. I Won’t even tell you all the other amazing things we picked up. Don’t want shop-alcoholics anonymous to take mummy away.

So then after Kinsale we went to oysterhaven. We had a lovely time guys i just got to tell you. I wish every day could be like this. The good news is that we have a long weekend this weekend so I get to spend loads of time with my mummy and daddy. Mummy has to work tomorrow for a little while- oh man. However I hear on the grape vine that things will hopefully start to calm down soon with mummy’s work. I really hope they will guys cause I can tell that mummy is super stressed out with work and is always running around like a headless chicken over it. I also knows that she feels so bad every day that she has to leave me when all she wants to do is spend every minute with me. Anyway hopefully things will change really soon and then she will be really happy cause she will get to spend all her time with Moi 🙂

So now I so need my sleep guys. I am totally exhausted after my day. I don’t know how I managed it but I am sleeping in mummy and daddy’s bed right now. I know once I am really asleep mummy is going to put me back in my cot. Oh man I don’t know how she manages to do this every night! I try to stay awake so that if she even thinks of moving me I scream. However it just never works and I always end up in my Cot.

So nighty night everyone. Love ye all lots like jelly tots. Mwah your baby B x x

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