Big Baby House

Day two hundred and seventy eight, in the Big Baby House…….

Daddy told me that was a funny but from what mummy says his humour has to grow on you (unless you are auntie Deb as she is supposed to laugh at anything)

Well mummy has gone and done it this time.  We had to go to the hospital for the check up again today.  I have done it so many times that I decided to have a little sleep while in there as mummy has been feeling dizzy with the vertigo and it is wobbly for me when she walks.  Anyway, here I am sleeping and next thing I know there is a big commotion around me.  They seem to think it was my fault and all I was doing was having a nap.  The professor lady was on about my heart rate being very low and they were nearly ready to take me out there and then.  What does a girl have to do to get some sleep without people panicking?

Anyway, I decided I better stop this in its tracks so I gave a few kicks while daddy tickled my feet and they were happy that my heart rate went up when I did this.  At this stage I thought I was sorted and was about to nestle back down when the boss lady came back again.  She goes and tells mummy to come into the hospital tomorrow evening and she will start her induction with the gel.  I am not too sure what that is about but I think my holidays may be nearly over.

Mummy was great today though as she was really relaxed and did not stress at all.  She normally gets excited but she knows we can only do our best and I made a promise to myself to do my best for her.

And with all this happening there was some good news.  Auntie Laura came back so as soon as I leave my warm patch here I can let her start spoiling me.  I think I deserve it 😉

Daddy can’t wait to see me so I suppose I had better get to it.  He will be my slave me thinks, cause I know he will do anything for me.

For now I think I will take it easy and get ready for the next few days.  I hope ye are all happy to see me when I appear.

Love ye all.

B. xx 🙂

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