Bottle Please

Hi guys,

Today was another long day with little answers. All I do know is that I am allowed take my bottle again. If I can get this right I will not need to use the tube. I did ok for the first go but only took half my second bottle. Daddy has asked the nurse to wait to see if the next feed goes ok as if she give me the feed through the tube now they might make me keep doing that and daddy and mummy don’t want it that way.

Dr McMahon has said that if I can get my feeding right I can go home at the end of the week. That would be good as daddy needs clothes as he is starting to smell .

Other then that all we need to do is keep praying. My nurse Helene is coming tomorrow so she might have more news.

I had a quick Skype call and got to see daddies cousin and my second cousins in America a minute ago. They are really nice. Caroline blew me loads of kisses. I am looking forward to getting older and learning how to use the playstation. I am then going to show Gibson how it’s done. Lol. Girl power.

Love ye all.

B. Xx x

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