Busy Me

Hi everyone, how are you all! Me I am great 🙂 this week is so much better than last week. I am so happy to be home in my house. My house is so pretty this week. I guess mummy and daddy wanted to make it up to me for my awful experience in Crumlin so they decorated the house in my honour. Daddy even got a real live tree from the garden and it’s now in our house with loads of red balls and white lights. Also baby Jesus and his mummy and daddy are in my kitchen. I say hi to them every morning. I got mummy to take some pictures so you can all see my lovely decorated house.

In other good news my table quiz was a major success. Thank you to everyone who came, especially my cousins from Athlone and West Cork. I love you all. I made 3,635 euro for the heart department in Crumlin. Hopefully they will be nice to me now when I go to have my operation.

I am so sorry that I didn’t make the night. I did mean to come and see you all but you see I got caught baby sitting my Nana Rose AGAIN!!! I really don’t know how I am going to get out of this babysitting lark. Just when I think I am off duty from minding mummy and daddy either Nana Rose or Nana Ah Ah arrives to be minded. Now they are both difficult to mind and they both need loads of attention. I am always absolutely exhausted after minding them. However it is totally worth it to see the smile on their faces when I do something funny to entertain them.

So then today my Cuz honey B Brooke arrived. Guys she is so totally cool. We had a great chat and decided that we are going to Be best friends together forever. She is my honey B and I am her Baby B. Here are some pictures for you of us.

So I will update again at the weekend. As you can see I was way to busy to blog last weekend.

I love you all loads, your Baby B x x






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