Busy Me

Well guys this week has been super busy. Mummy and I got to spend loads of time together. It was so great. It started with a trip to the play ground on Monday. My guy Daragh and I had our first swing together and my FSIL ( future Sister in Law ) Liadh supervised.

Then mummy and I went shopping for Christmas. I got all my friends their presents. I am so excited about Christmas guys. You will never guess the special guest star who is visiting my house on the 23 rd of December. I will give you a hint – he is dressed from head to toe in red and his belly shakes like a bowl full of Jelly when he laughs. That’s right 🙂 its Santa Clause. Now I don’t know how mummy and daddy pulled off this exclusive visit, but they did! Santa is really busy at this time of the year so I am so excited that he has agreed to fit in a quick visit to see me and my friends before he sets off on his tour of the world. So if you are around on the 23 rd around 5 pm pop into mine for the Party of the year and you’ll get to meet the big man himself and get to tell him of any things you forgot on you Santa order.

Auntie Gra and Auntie Deb keep seeing santa’s elves EVERYWHERE we go. I better warn you all now that they are all over the place checking to see who is naughty or nice. Man they are good, they always seem to appear when one of us baby’s are doing something wrong. Only mummy and my aunties can see them so we don’t even get a warning. Thank god mummy and Auntie Deb and Auntie Gra tells us when they see them. PHEW. When this happens we are all super good and hurry up to where ever we are going.

So when my best heart buddy Sadhbh and her sister Saoirse came to visit me yesterday I secretly told them about the elves so they wouldn’t get caught out with less presents on Christmas morning. So now they are going to try and be super good for their mummy and daddy as well. It’s hard being good all the time but it is worth it. I am such a good friend.

Also it was my grand – dads birthday yesterday. He is so old I am not even sure there’s a number to tell you his age. I will have to ask Special Agent Oso to help me to figure out this one. Anyway we had a lovely birthday dinner for him in my house. I also got him a big chocolate cake with ice cream. That’s my favourite dessert. For his birthday present I got him a really cool orange car that’s a money box. It’s got his name on it. I thought he better have something to store all his spare money in so he can buy me loads of presents. I am so thoughtful I am.

So the big count down is on. My baby Cuz is going to be making their big entrance in just five weeks. Then there will be double trouble in the O’ Connor households. Nana’s, grand – dad ye better watch out;-) if you think I am trouble now, just wait until my side kick arrives. There will be no stopping us.

Until next week, your Baby B x x



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