Check Up

Well guys. Things have been quiet since I last updated ye. I dont want to bore people and write everyday but I will write to keep everyone updated regularly! I was back to Dr Fraiser on Tuesday for my regular check up. He was again happy with my progress and am still above average on height and weight. He told me I have a bit of the snuffles which is why I find it a little bit harder to take my bottle at the minute. He got daddy to get a spray which he squirts up my nose. I don’t like it but it is a piece of cake compared to some of the stuff I have had done. My next doctors appointment is back in Crumlin on the 21st so will have to be ready for a long day out. Mummy and daddy have been very busy at work but I don’t mind cause I am really being looked after so well. I love my family! Nana Rose, Nana F, granda Martin and auntie Lauretta have been up to mind me and give me loads of cuddles. They are all non stop buying me stuff. I must have more clothes than any other little girl out there. Then there is auntie Laura. She minds me a few days a week. We have a great time and have lots of fun working for number two together. She gets excited every time I have a dirty nappy so I guess she must like changing them. I try to give her plenty. I have only managed to pee on her once so far but was just telling her that I love her! Also this week was grandad Michael’s second anniversary. I wish he was here with me but it is ok cause we have met before and he is always looking out for me from above. He is a lovely grandad.

Daddy is gone away for his first night away from me today. He has to go to London. I think he is a little upset going away but I told him to suck it ip and act like a man! Other than all that I have no news.

I do want everyone to do me a favour. I want everyone to say a prayer for my friend Jay. He is going for his check up in Crumlin today. He will do great but prayers are always nice to get. I have put this picture up before but I am putting it up again today. It is a picture of me and Jay when we met in Crumlin.

Anyway guys I will go for now as I must have my bath.

Love ye lots like jelly tots!

B. Xx x

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