Chill time

Hi guys. Feel really bad I have not written to ye in ages. Things have been a little crazy. I have been waking on and off and tend to get hungry every two to four hours. Daddy keeps his fingers crossed for the four do he can sneak in a little sleep.

I have had loads of visitors over the last two days. All my grandparents and also auntie Laura have been in and out visiting me. Tonight my godfather mark, his wife Grá and Debs called to meet me. Debs has a big tummy and I can hear a voice calling to me from inside. I had to be careful as it looks like she has already swallowed a baby and I don’t want to be next.

Daddy went out last night for a drink. I don’t understand it as he bought rain covers for my buggy but said he was going out to wet my head. What is all that about? Anyway I made sure to keep his sleep to a minimum when he got home!

I have to go to Crumlin to check on my stomach in a week and a half and then again to see Dr McMahon on the 28th.

Other than this I have no real news. Have got some real cool presents. I got a big box in the post from my cousin Francesca in Canada. This was full of cool clothes. I am really looking forward to meeting her some day. I don’t know which to wear each day there is so many. I also got a lovely blanket with my name on it from mummies friend Michelle and Damien and a lovely blanket from Paul (and Anne) who is a good friend of daddy at work!

Great news is that my chd friend Jake is doing really well in the USA after his operation. I want to send him all my love and best wishes.

Now I am heading off for an hours sleep before I go for a feed.

Night guys.

B. Xx x

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