Colin Farrell Who!

Hi guys I really hope that your Christmas was as wonderful as mine. I am soooo super excited about the fact that I caught Santa delivering my presents at 2.30 am this morning. There I am fast asleep in my cot. Mummy was sitting next to me on a chair and daddy was asleep on the floor. It was mummy’s turn to keep an eye on me. Now I really don’t understand why we can’t all just go to sleep together! Since my OHS these two have taken it to a whole new level. I guess I will adjust to this 24/7 care but I kinda wish they would lay off me sometimes. I don’t think they realise how totally mortified I am in front of the other kids. I am lucky I am tough and won’t let them bully me over it:-)

So back to Santa. Mummy could totally completely absolutely NOT believe it when he walked through the door with the biggest bag of toys ever for me. Mummy had gone to the hospital shop and brought me a big bag of toys anyway. I heard her tell daddy. I guess they were worried that Santa wouldn’t find me. They have no faith in poor Santa, however I think that’s changing as I heard mummy tell daddy yesterday that miracles do happen 🙂 also poor mummy did not have the knowledge that I sent Santa a letter through my blog and gave him my new address! I was not going to be left out this year.

So you’ll never guess what mummy did! Yes that’s right she started bawling crying AGAIN. Oh guys I was just Mortified. I am starting to think that I have one of the emotional mummy’s in the world. I really couldn’t work out why she was crying now. Surely she wasn’t upset that Santa came to me. Then I heard her tell one of the girls in the blue top that she really didn’t think I would have any Santa toys this year as they were all down in my house in Fernlea. Really mummy do you not know that Santa knows EVERYTHING.

So jesus’s birthday turned out to be a great day. Mummy and daddy wore Santa hats and danced around the room together to Christmas music like children. I was do delighted to see them happy again. The last few days you would have thought it was them that had had the six hour OHS not MOI. Seriously trying to take my Thunder.

The three of us spent ages playing with all my toys. Guys I can’t begin to tell you how many things I got. Let’s put it this way I can barely fit in my cot. My absolute favourite present obviously is my new heart. I am starting to feel great Santa and of course God. I know you both had something to do with that. Oh and Dr. Mc Mahon and professor Redmond too I guess. I sent my Doctor a message to say thanks for my new heart and how he had given me the best present that I ever got. I signed off with a beautiful picture of me and said love from your Crankiest patient ever B 🙂 he text back straight away to say I wasn’t Cranky and to have a nice Christmas. I will remind me of that the next time we have a big fight over the Echo. I hate when he does an ultra sound of my heart.

So my next favourite present were the stickers of Minnie mouse that mummy got me. Guys these are fascinating 🙂 you pick them up and no matter how many times you change them from hand to hand or shake your hand they stay on them like Magic. Daddy and mummy spent their time laughing at me when I was trying to figure out how to take Minnie off my hand.

My least favourite present is the pink lap top Santa got me. Now mummy will really expect me to work when I go to work with her. Oh man as if I don’t have enough to do !

Then it was time for our dinner. Daddy made a lovely table next to my bed and we all ate together. Dinner was yummy and after that we all pulled Christmas crackers and mummy and daddy told really bad jokes.

When dinner was over we watched Charlie and the chocolate factory. They told me that they used to watch this film when they were little like me. Guys I could totally tell as the film was so ancient it was pre historic. No cool graphics or TV imagery back in the day I guess. Then I heard them laughing about only having two TV channels and tele not starting until 2 pm each day. I dint find this funny at all. Now I presume I heard this wrong. Like what did they do at 11 pm at night when they found it hard to sleep and had to watch Oso? Just in case they were telling the truth I decided to let them watch it without kicking up a fuss. After all they had a hard week as well I guess.

So there I am taking a day off from being a famous baby and spending time just chilling with my family when all of a sudden there is a knock on my ward door and in walks one of my fans.

He said his name was Colin Farrell and he had just come to see me and to bring me a present! Under normal circumstances I would have been delighted with my present and to stand in with this guy and humour him by letting him take a picture of me but guys it’s Christmas! So I guess this is what it’s like to be famous, you never get a break or stop working. You constantly have to think of your adoring fans. Man this fame thing is hard.

I got into a bit of a state by being interrupted at Christmas and all that so I started bawling. This in turn set off my heart monitor and it went mental beeping really loudly. This poor guy Colin Farrell got an awful fright and kept apologising to mummy and daddy. It was their turn to be mortified. Ha ha result!

I can’t have every mickey mouse in the world coming to see me so I didn’t want this Colin guy to put the word out on the street that I am ready for visitors. I have a six week recovery process to go through you know.

Now afterwards I left a little bad at how I treated my adoring Fan Colin who did after all get me a lovely present so I decided to humour him by putting his picture on my blog. I would say he will be weak for himself when he sees it. Oh and Colin once I am home and better you can call anytime. I will even give you my autograph next time but only if your good.

So now I am going to try and get some rest. Nana and grand dad are coming to see me tomorrow and they are bringing up loads more toys. Better get my beauty sleep.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night from your famous Baby B x x








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