Come on auntie Deb

Well I just don’t understand why some babies are so late! Why can’t they be on time like me! Ok I was one day late and mummy had everyone convinced I would come a month early! Really like what was she thinking! But auntie Deb I want my friend to come now:-) I am sick of waiting. I am not so patient you know.

Mummy and daddy are trying a new feeding plan for me. Instead of feeding me every time I cry they now wait a full three hours until I am starving. I really don’t like this but I heard them saying that it seems to be working. Of course it is I am starving. Of course I am going to take my full bottle if I know I am not getting any for a full three hours. I wonder if this is grounds to call the ISPCC ! I don’t think I have them wrapped around my finger any more:-(

On the plus side I can still get what ever I want from my nana’s and auntie so at least that’s something. I am really looking forward to saint patrick’s day. Mummy got me a cool t shirt. It’s green and says lucky Irish girl on it. I am really lucky I am 🙂

I am posting up a picture of my new coat I was telling you all about. Hope ye all like it.

Also if you can make my blessing on the 23 rd of April at 2pm in my house please send my mummy a text message on her mobile 087 2825354. We are all really looking forward to seeing u.

Love u lots like jelly tots B x x

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