Count down is on

Well guys I just don’t know what to say. Only four days to the biggest celebration any of ye have ever seen. Yes that’s right it’s my blessing. I am so super excited guys. I know my families world revolves around just me already but now I am going to have all you guys for the full day as well. How cool is that!

I just can’t wait to show off my cool outfits. I am wearing mummies christening dress for my blessing but I am changing into my own dress for the afters. How many babies are lucky enough to have two dresses like:-) the way things are going I could get my own reality TV show and magazine deal.

Anyway guys to be honest I am a little worried about my performance on the day of my blessing. There is serious pressure on me to look my best. I guess this us how actresses feel before going on the red carpet. Mummy thinks I am a Diva. Of course I am like.

Hello mummy I am super popular you know. I have way over 10,000 hits on my blog and I am only 12 weeks old. It’s serious pressure for a small baby like me to keep up my popularity. Now I know how Jordan feels- oh man! I wish mummy and daddy could understand the pressure that this fame is bringing on me.

Anyway guys going keep you updated and filled in on how every thing is going for my blessing. All my cool grand aunts and grand uncles are coming from Athlone and Kildare, also my cousins from west Cork and my daddies family as well not to mention all my friends who love me from Carrigaline. Can’t wait to see ye all.

Love ye all lots like super sweet jelly tots – your favourite baby B x x

Ps check out my latest pic. I am practicing my photo shoot shots for when I am famous. X x

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