Crumlin Check up

Well guys this week I had to go back to the big smoke for my heart check up. Mummy had butterflies the night before. I think she was not telling the truth cause I searched every where for them and I couldn’t find them anywhere. She kept going on about them to daddy and I was so excited because I love butterflies so between no butterflies to play with and then my long road trip and my heart check I was not impressed. Oh man.

So when we arrived in Dublin mummy started talking about when they lived there when they were waiting for me to arrive. They stayed there a total of 43 days. To be honest it doesn’t sound like they enjoyed the time they spent in Dublin very much. I hope I never have to move there. So when we got to crumlin we were only waiting about five minutes before Dr Mc Mahon called us. As usual he called me Bevin. Hello like how hard is it to say my name right? Its pronounced Bay Veen, mummy and daddy gave me a really difficult name. As if I don’t have enough problems to deal with!!!

So my Doctor thinks I am doing amazing. Hello! I could have told him that already if he had just taken the time to phone me in my mobile. Nana Rose brought me a lovely red and yellow mobile that makes cool noises. Or he could have skyped me and I would have told him. This would have saved us from taking a really long trip to the big smoke. Oh well. I just wish people were as smart as me.

So that’s my big news for this week. I am heading to my friend Jason’s 2nd birthday party today. Now what to wear! Daragh will be there so I need to look my best guys.

I love ye all. Have a good week and I will talk to you all real soon.

Your Baby B x x

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