Crumlin extended update

Hi everyone! So happy to report that I am top of my class in EVERYTHING – mummy and daddy are so proud. I am ahead in my weight. In fact I am in the top ten in my class and that’s for a normal baby not a heart baby like me. It’s harder for me to feed cause of my special heart. I am also in the top of my class for my height. They said I am going to be a model cause I am so tall. Well I could have told them that already. Everyone comments on my good looks;-)

Also Dr Mc Mahon said that I was doing spectacularly well in the area of my heart. It’s totally doing what it should be and I am so smart that I self banded. This is really hard to explain but really it just means that I managed to make my heart pump in the right way by its self so it doesn’t damage my lungs and this means I get to miss my first open heart surgery. Woo hoo well done me:-)

I still have to do my second open heart surgery. Oh man ! But at least I managed to push that one out till I am one years old and big and strong:-) Dr Mc Mahon said he wanted to fatten me up. Really this guy doesn’t know what he is talking about! One minute he is talking about me being a model and the next he is trying to fatten me up! Does he not know how the fashion industry works like !

Anyway mummy and daddy love him so I better say nothing. Also more super news. I don’t have clicky hips and bonus for me. Crumlin called poor mummy on Monday last week and told her That I may have a clicky hip and that means I might need to wear a big brace. Well I wasn’t having that it would interfere with my fashion so I made sure my hips looked perfect in the next x ray that they did. The first x ray was probably bad cause of all the river dance I did in mummy’s tummy:-)

So guys to sum up I am just perfect thank god 😉

So I am off for an nap now. I am still exhausted after my trip to the big smoke. So happy I don’t have to go back there till the 30 th please god.

Love ye all guys – B. Xx x

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