Crumlin Times

Hi guys, I am about to give you the best piece of advice you will ever get in your lives. If you hear of a place called crumlin turn around and run as fast as you can in the other direction. When I first heard I was going there to do my tests to see if I could have my operation I was kind of happy. Firstly because I was hoping this meant that mummy and daddy would stop worrying about me for a while and secondly because usually when I go to crumlin for my usual check up I get new clothes, new toys from my nana’s and mummy and as many chocolate buttons as I like. So really it’s a good thing for me.

Now I did get a little suspicious when I saw a big black suit case in the car instead of my usual little case but I just thought mummy had gotten me more new toys than usual.

Then when we arrived in crumlin we didn’t go to the usual day ward where my doctor lives. Instead we had to wait in this room along with loads of other kids and their mummy’s and daddy’s.

Daddy told me it was the admissions room. We were there for hours. This wouldn’t have been so bad if special agent Oso was on the tele or if they had toys but they had neither. I was so totally board I started crying with frustration. Thankfully mummy and daddy took turns walking me up and down the big corridor out side. They looked really tired by the time we finally got to my room on st Theresa’s ward.

Guys you should have seen my tiny room and my jail cell. I just couldn’t believe it when they put me into the jail. Please see my picture below that I got mummy to take for you all to see what I mean. Then I had to stay there all evening while these lady’s in blue tops came around and stuck machines on me. They said they were taking my stats and my blood pressure. All I can tell you is it hurt my leg. It squeezed and squeezed until I started crying and then it squeezed some more. Oh man I Learned fast that crying doesn’t work on these lady’s in the blue tops like it does on my mummy and daddy. When I cry to these strange people they just do things that hurt me even more.

So then when all this drama was over I finally fell asleep in what must be the most uncomfortable bed in the whole world. It took ages for me to fall asleep. I was so happy when I did cause then I couldn’t see these people in the blue tops any more. When they hurt me now I don’t even cry I just look at mummy wondering why she is letting them do this!

You can just imagine my disbelief when after only a few minutes of sleep one of the stuck me in my arm with this long shiny pointy thing. Daddy told me that was a needle and the thing attached to the needle is what us babies call Feddies – it’s where they put my medicine to put me asleep for my operation and my Cath procedure.

My What!!! Daddy what are you on about!!! Turns out I am up here in crumlin to have some thing called a Cath procedure where they have to put a thing in through my veins in my leg and it travels up to my heart. It’s a camera that takes pictures of my heart and them pictures tells the doctors if my heart is ok to have my operation.

Guys at this stage I am getting really afraid. Thankfully daddy had a few episodes of Oso on his I pad so we watched them together at 2 am. The lady’s in the blue tops were laughing at me. I think they think I am spoilt but I don’t care. What do they expect I am only a baby and I can’t help it if mummy and daddy won’t leave my side for a second when I am in this crumlin place. Mummy was really upset because there were little babies smaller than my Brooke all over the place with no mummy’s and daddy’s with them. Mummy wanted to mind them all and give them all a cuddle but she was so busy with me she couldn’t.

Poor mummy spent alot of time crying in Crumlin. She tried to trick me and pretend it was a game and she was laughing but I still saw her tears. The lady in the blue top brought me a new top with teddies and numbers on it. Daddy said it was my hospital gown and my drip. Mummy didn’t like my hospital gown on me at all because she started crying AGAIN. I must remember to bring nicer clothes the next time.

Then the lady in the blue top said that they were ready for me. I was wondering who was ready for me! When Mummy carried me down and daddy had his arm around mummy. We went into this big room with millions of machines and loads of people wearing green and blue outfits with things over their faces and hats on their heads. Mummy was told to sit down on a seat next to a bed. They told mummy that they were going to give me something that would put me to sleep and make my eyes glaze over. I was so afraid that I didn’t even cry. I looked up at mummy to see why she was letting them do all these things to me but she obviously was not as afraid as I was because the tears were running down her face and she was singing special agent Oso’s theme song very badly in my ear.

Daddy was as afraid as me because he was hugging mummy as well like i was and he was looking at her like I was looking at her. Then I started to feel all funny and I heard the man in the blue outfit tell mummy to place me on the bed and to give me a kiss goodbye. What – where was mummy going. I wanted to cry but then I don’t remember any thing else.

When I woke up the lady in the blue outfit was carrying me out of a strange room and I saw mummy and daddy waiting for me. Thankfully mummy minded Oso for me because I could see her hugging him and I could see daddy hugging mummy. They looked very happy to see me and we all had a cuddle together.

When mummy took me I started to feel really funny and then I got sick all over mummy. I started to cry and mummy hugged me and told me I would be ok. When we went back to the room I had to put on loads of machines to check to make sure my heart was ok. I slept for the evening in mummy’s arms.

Thankfully I missed the doctor who came to tell us how I got on. I heard mummy and daddy talking to my nana. They told her that I can have my operation which is a good thing. I just hope my operation won’t be as hard as the last couple of days because I really don’t want to have to go through this again.

Now can you understand why you should run in the other direction if you hear the word Crumlin!

Thats all from me guys. I am going to have a little nap with mummy now in her and daddy’s bed. Check out my bravery award I got for being such a brave little girl.

I love you lots – your baby B x x




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