Crumlin Update

Thankfully all went well at Béibhinn’s Crumlin Check up today. Béibhinn is doing great at the moment and her happy self is shining through more and more with each passing day. Her new favourite thing is body slamming into her favourite doggy scruff, that uncle Pete got her for her birthday and climbing anything and everything in her way. We may need a crash helmet for her yet! If it wasn’t for her CHD a stunt woman would definitely be her chosen career.

Many of Béibhinn’s heart buddy’s are struggling with little and big problems at the moment. This means many of my wonderful rocks that I call my “heart mums” are also struggling and it breaks my heart. Today in Crumlin I witnessed what could have been when I saw a family carry there beautiful baby out the door and unfortunately not in a happy way. This little baby will never go home. It really hits home on these visits and makes you so thankful for your blessings. Tonight I am asking if you have time to say a little prayer for this family and for my many heart family’s that need prayers tonight.

As always thank you for your support, well wishes and prayers for our little miracle our Little Lady B x x

Some bonds cannot be understood… Unless you have walked them before… A path that I would not have chosen… A future I just can’t ignore. We’ve all watched our children intently… Memorizing each line… And let them leave our loving arms… And prayed things would be fine. We’ve paced the halls awaiting news… And wondered just what lie in store… We’ve felt our own heart’s racing as… We walked through an ICU door… We’ve seen the child we love so much… Struggling to overcome… The lines…the cords….the monitors… No thoughts…no words…would come… We’ve prayed for an improvement… We’ve laid it in God’s hands.. We’ve cried…we’ve hoped…we’ve worried… We’ve wondered of God’s plans. We’ve learned just how a heart works… Each valve and artery… We’ve asked alot of questions… We’ve faced each surgery. And somewhere down this well worn path… We’ve met more families… Who know exactly what it means… To live with this disease. We’ve smiled at every triumph… And shared in every sigh… We’ve prayed for a child that struggles… And each family that must say goodbye. Some battles are fought with bullets… And weapons made for war… While these are fought in silence… Behind a hospital door… We’ve wondered what lies in our future… We’ve been thankful for just one more day… We’ve stopped and watched with tear-filled eyes… Our children…as they play. We’ve struggled with ounces and weight gain… Why won’t my child just eat? But heart mom’s …we’re a tough group… We’ve learned how to face a defeat. We’ve faced those moments…others do… When life has got us stressed… But it doesn’t take long to remember… That we are richly blessed. We’ve taken on a whole new role… One we we wouldn’t exchange if we could… We know that life is difficult… We hold onto all that is good. God chose each of us carefully… I do believe he smiled… Some bonds begin with strangers… And just one special child.


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