Crumlin update

Guys I just wanted to pop onto my blog to let you all know I did super at my check up today in Crumlin. They are really happy with me so please keep praying and sending positive thoughts my way because they are working.

The fluid around my heart has gone down a little bit- yippee. However the really, really good news that mummy and daddy are so delighted about is that my heart function has improved and my leaky valve is looking a little better. They were not expecting this news today so they were practically doing cartwheels out of the heart clinic. As you can imagine I was totally, absolutely mortified.

So now I am back home in good old Cork where I belong, but I am so exhausted it is not even funny. This is my fourth trip to Dublin since the 5 th of December and in that time I have had 6 chest x rays, 7 heart echos, 2 freddies in my arm:-( they were the worst, countless blood tests, four sedations, a heart catheriastion, a pulmanorary band, the Glenn, three quarters of a fontan which is the Kawashima and have been put on a fat free diet due to the puncture in my lymph nodes and of course I have fluid around my heart, Glenn headaches and night terrors. So guys I hope you understand why I am taking a little break from blogging so much. I am not complaining because I know I am a lucky baby and many of my friends had it much worse. I am just trying to explain that we are still really exhausted and tired from the last few weeks so as soon as we are back on form in a week or so I will be back in full swing to keep you updated on what’s going on in my world.

As always thank you all so much for your love, support and prayers your Baby B x x

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