Crumlin update

Hey guys – oh my goodness what a day – first I got to visit my good friend Abbey. It was really cool to see her and she got me the most coolest present ever. A massive dolls house. See the picture below. Abbey is just like me. She has Heterotaxy as well and has had her first two operation and has one left. This means that she can give me super good advice guys, and the added bonus is her mummy totally calms my mummy down 🙂 Mummy started crying just as we got to Abbeys house and totally mortified me. She starting crying cause the last time we all called to see Abbey and her family I was in mummy’s tummy and the Doctors told mummy there was only a 50 percent chance she would get to meet me! Really like they so did not know how strong and determined I am 🙂 Mummy remembered these memories that I don’t think were very nice and this made her cry. It’s ok however cause when she saw Abbey she started smiling again:-) phew.

We had a lovely morning in Abbeys house. Then mummy, daddy and I all headed over to crumlin. I had my big check up with Dr Mc Mahon. I literally knocked his socks off with how good I am doing guys. My leaky valve is a little better, my heart function is good and my PS means it is still looking like I get to miss one of my operations. Thank you Holy God 😉 mummy and I thank Holy God every day now guys.

So that’s what I did today. You just wouldn’t believe how tried I am now guys. Completely totally exhausted guys. So heading to bed now. Love ye all lots guys. Talk to you tomorrow.

B x x

Check me and my friend Abbey out below x x

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