D Day or should I call it B’s Day

Oh what a few days I am having. Every time I try and relax I get poked and pushed and they stick some machine on mummy’s belly. They have been worried about my heart rate base line but I don’t see why. You don’t see me worrying.

Mummy reckons that she is like Rachel in some tv show called Friends as already two people have come and gone from the bed next to her.

Daddy is hanging around waiting for me but as the saying goes “good thinks come to those who wait” and I am worth waiting for and am going to keep him hanging on.

Mummy has had a bit of pain coming and going as the doc is giving her gel to try and encourage me out. Now if he would just get a piece of chocolate I might just think about it.

Daddy and mummy also met a girl who was in their class in school. Her name is Lisa. She is a paediatric doc in the hospital which is cool as she said she will try and be around when I arrive in case I need help. I don’t know if this means she is going to show me around or what but I will wait and see. She was really nice to them and they were happy to see her and talk to her and I think they would be glad to have her involved!

Anyway I am just going to relax and wait until the last minute and then make my grand entrance. It may be today…..but it may be tomorrow!

See ye soon guys! B. Xx

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