Dear Santa

I know this is really last minute Santa and you are probably up to your eyeballs with all the work you have to do tonight but I am asking you for one last present if that would be ok. I would love if you could take the pain I feel in my head, my chest and my belly away. I know that I have been so lucky this year and you bumped me up the waiting list for operations in Crumlin but if you could help with this other request it would be great. After all I have been a very good girl this year.

As you know us baby’s have to wait ages for out heart surgeries if they are not emergencies. This is because Ireland is broke and we have no money. Oh man, what a pain in the nappy. So I know I am lucky that I have my operation over with already:-)

Also if you could make all these other kids I keep bumping into up here all better as well that would be really great. I am willing to give up my doll and pram and my train set in return for the above two favours.

I am also a little concerned that you don’t know my new address so it’s room 13/14 St Bridget’s ward, Crumlin, Dublin.

Also I have to be honest, I have no chimney here. I wouldn’t mind but I just got my poor grand dad to clean mine before we came up here just for you. Poor Grand dad went to all that trouble for nothing.

So Santa I have been stressing and worrying about this all morning and then the solution came to me just like that. I am a little einstein, instead of the chimney I am going to let the balcony door in my room open for you tonight. Regarding the carrots for Rudolph, well to be honest I can’t find one anywhere. Now I am really hoping this won’t effect your visit to me. I did keep some of my potatoes from dinner so I hope these will do. For you I have Coke Zero ( stolen from my mummy) and a muffin ( stolen from my daddy) hope they can replace the milk and cookies. Well Santa what can I do? I girl has to improvise when she is stuck in another county and bed bound…

So Santa that’s it really. I wish you a safe and pleasant journey. I love you loads and can’t wait to meet you in person. Your baby B x x





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