Well I am now officially into my second month. Not in age of course but am spending my first February time here. I had a good rest yesterday and daddy got over eight hours sleep as he went to bed really early and mummy did the late feeds. He looks more relaxed now.

I am just out now from my doctors appointment. He is doctor number 2 as I am special. I have my wonderful doctor Colin McMahon in Dublin and now also have doctor Brian Fraiser in Cork. I will need to go to my Cork doc once a week and my Dublin doc every three or four weeks. This is just to check my oxygen levels and heart rate. I also has my public health nurse Marion visit me yesterday. They all keep taking my clothes off and measuring and weighing me. Do I get a present at a certain weight or length?

Dr Fraiser also told mummy and daddy to give me more milk because I am a good size. They really need to look into buying that cow and making things cheaper for them!

Tonight and tomorrow mummy and daddy are having a babymoon. It means no visitors are allowed and they are going to spend the evening with just the three of us as we have not had much time alone since I was born. I wonder who will call out of the blue to steal our time?

Abbeys mum was on to mummy too last night and mummy was in great form as usual after her. Abbey, Jay and Lanas mummy are really nice and mummy and daddy love knowing them and having them as friends.

Last night was a little funny too. I was asleep but woke at 3am cause of mummy. She was saying to daddy that there was something wrong with me and I did not feel right. When daddy looked at her he could see she was sitting up in the bed, was still half asleep and was trying to figure out what was wrong with one of my teddy bears. It was very funny. Daddy found it hard to get back to sleep after laughing so hard.

Anyway that’s all for now. Will chat to ye soon.

B. Xx x

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