Eventful week

Well guys I so didn’t want daddy and nana stealing all my thunder with their weight issues so I decided to learn a few new tricks this week to keep everyone entertained and the focus on Moi!

So I first learned how to use my walker. Not only does it keep mummy and daddy entertained for hours thinking how amazing I am, it also has a very practical side to it as well. I can now move all around my house and check the place out myself. There are just so many things to do and see I simply don’t have enough hours in the day guys. Yesterday I discovered this long mental thing that if you pull it hard enough it opens this wooden thing and there are lots of round silver things in there that make alot of noise. I had loads of fun in there.

I heard mummy tell daddy that she thinks it may be time to start child proofing the house in particular the pots and pan press. What does she mean by that guys. I don’t think I like the sound of it. Judging my daddy’s reaction it sounds like they are trying to stop my fun. Well I will soon sort that guys. I just have to scream my head off that’s all.

I also discovered how to roll over guys. That was a complete accident but I am not telling mummy and daddy that as they are so proud of me I would hate to burst their bubble. I feel so sorry for them guys. Their whole life revolves around me. I really don’t think they have anything else to do guys. One of them always seems to be around. Don’t know what they will do when I learn to walk guys. I am so not having them two old ones holding me back. I have places to see, things to do, plus I couldn’t cope guys if they mortified me in front of my friends. Any advice guys in how to ditch your parents in a diplomatic and sensitive way would be much appreciated.

Later guys. Love ye all lots B x x

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