Eviction time

Well I don’t have good news to report this week. I have been evicted and apparently there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. There I was happy out sharing mummy and daddy’s room with them. They waited on me hand and foot for the last eight months. Then suddenly completely out of the blue I was tufted out on my little bum and put into a much smaller room with only one window. Like seriously I am not impressed. This is not what I am accustomed to guys.

The good news is Mummy doesn’t seem too happy about the situation either. When they kicked me out on Thursday night daddy kept making jokes about it and I could see mummy was getting really upset. Now I know why! I wish I hadn’t spent all my time watching Oso now and actually listened to what they were saying when they were moving my things. Turns out adults actually do have interesting things to say sometimes.

So now I am all on my own in a little room in the front of our house with only one window. If any of you could let me know if there is any one that I can make a formal complaint to, then please let me know. I will obviously be speaking to my Nana’s about this but if there is anything else that will strengthen my case you might let me know.

Mummy is feeling guilty. This is a good thing I guess. At least I know she still loves me. So does daddy. He is just a little harder to wrap around my finger. Don’t get me wrong guys, he is totally wrapped around my baby finger, just not as tightly as mummy is.

Mummy and daddy are always going on about making memory’s with me. I really don’t know what they are on about guys. Could someone out there please let me know? I guess I better explain this better. So there I am playing with my ultra cool dolls house that Abbey’s mummy and daddy got me and mummy says that this is going to be one of her ” memory’s ” and apparently it’s a big one. She explained to me that all the things that we do together will be memory’s for me when I am older and she wants to make them all good. This is why everyday we do fun things together and every day daddy and her tell me how they love me the most and how I am the best baby in the world. I really don’t want to hurt their feelings but I so knew this already. Parents hey!

So that’s going to be my life – making loads of big memory’s everyday. I must remember to ask Santa for a really, really big memory storage box so I can keep them all safe. These memory’s seem to be really, really important and I thought I was just playing with my dolls house!

I hope all you baby’s out there are making big memory’s with your mummy and daddy’s because when we are older then maybe we can pull out our memory storage box and show each other all the wonderful memory’s we made with our mummy’s and daddy’s. I recommend all you baby’s ask Santa for a really big memory storage box so you can keep all your memory’s safe and sound.

So on that note I better go and get ready for bed. Did I tell you that I love you guys all the most? I hope that’s the memory that we share together.

Until next week your Baby B x x


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