Feeling fine

Well guys I am feeling much better in myself these days. Had a little problem with going to the toilet during the week and it made me feel awful. I am much better now thank god.

Today we met auntie Laura and uncle pete for lunch. As usual mummy and auntie Laura went shopping. I know, I know that’s all they ever do. On the plus side I got loads of new stuff. Would you believe mummy managed to find me a scarf for a baby. It’s really cool. I just can’t wait to wear it. Daddy got me a munster top. Now that I am the number one supporter they won the match tonight. Wooo hooo Munster.

Mummy finished writing up my mass booklet for my blessing. Now all we have to do is call to father Billy to make sure it’s ok. I am really looking forward to seeing you all at my blessing. It will be my first big party. Remember you are all welcome. It’s on Easter Saturday at 2 pm in my house:-)

Daddy is doing the night feeds tonight because it’s mummy’s first mothers day. I am going to be super good tomorrow. Daddy is in charge of getting everything ready tomorrow. I am a bit worried about my fashion statement Hopefully daddy will pick out a cool outfit for me !

Daddy is taking mummy somewhere really nice for dinner. It’s a surprise. We might go to the beach as well if it’s a nice day. We love sitting down looking out to sea and having a chat.

Well I need to hit the hay now. I need my beauty sleep. Happy mothers day everyone. Especially to my two nannies, my two god mothers and all my special aunties – deb, Gra, Michelle and everyone who has been so good to me. I love ye all B x x x

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