Feeling fine – kind of

Well guys I have just had an Oscar award winning cold all week. The Doctor was talking about admitting me into hospital so I could get my nebuliser and the nurse could mind me but mummy said no. Thank god – phew that was a close one. Would not have been impressed guys to have to spend any more time in hospital. Anyway mummy and daddy have been really good and has spent loads of time giving me my medicine, taking me to the doctors in carrigaline to get my nebuliser and hitting my back to clear my lungs. I keep giving them frights guys cause sometimes when I cough I cant breath – oh man that’s not nice guys at all.

The good news is I seem to be turning a corner guys and I am feeling much better now thank god.-)

So as I have been under house arrest for the last few days I don’t have any super exciting news for ye all. I will let you all know if I do but for the moment I am just chilling and trying to get better super fast.

Love ye all guys mwah baby B xx


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