Friends over

Well guys today I had a complete invasion. I am so not impressed guys. Tadgh and Jason called to my house. Now let me tell you what happened. They completely took over the place. First they started playing with my dolls house that Abbey gave me. Guys they like totally rearranged the furniture. I was fuming. I wouldn’t mind but mummy had spent hours fixing it earlier. Now she is going to have yet another excuse to play with my dolls house. No one gets that it’s all mine. Man when I can walk and talk things are going to so change around here.

Then the next thing I know they are both in the kitchen hogging my daddy. Oh man like do they not realise daddy is all mine as well! And then I see daddy making them pop corn out of my pop corn making machine that uncle Pete got me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh – at this stage I am ready to blow,so I go for a little swing in my swing to relax and try and calm down. Then I hear Tadgh screaming that his mummy has no willy and in fact all girls have no willys. I am just so totally embarrassed for him guys cause I am four and a half months old and know this. He is nearly four and it’s just sinking in now like! Really men ! I think I might take daddy’s advice and join the nuns. I am not sure my nerves or patients will take boys!!!

So now that I finally got rid of them I am going to have a little nap to re charge my batteries. Girls I just Gota tell you boys are really hard work. Those of you who are stuck with boys, all I can say is – SUCKERS ha ha…

I am little worried about these two boys guys cause mummy and daddy just seem to love them and so can’t see anything wrong with them. I am so worried that I may not be number one when they are around. If that happens I will be so mad guys. what do ye all suggest I do!

On another note my poor friend Sadhbh is up in crumlin and her mummy and daddy are really worried about her. She might need a pace maker guys. Oh man this CHD is a pain in the nappy. Thinking of you Sadhbh and sending you loads of big heart hugs. I can’t wait till you get back and we can have a play date. I will set it up with mummy so don’t worry. I know you have enough to worry about at the moment. I hope you mummy is ok because mine is all worried about you and your mummy. I really don’t know why cause I know you ll be fine. I don’t think our mummy’s realise yet how big and strong we CHDers are 🙂 we are going to be just fine. Parents hey Sadhbh, what can we do with them ! I don’t know 🙂

Anyway guys that’s my news. I love ye all you know – always yours, your Baby B x x

Ps Sadhbh this poem is for your mummy from mine

Somewhere….someplace…today….A family is waiting to hear…..Is something wrong with their baby? The answers aren’t quite clear…This family has entered an unwanted world…And they just don’t know what to expect…Somewhere…someplace…today. They first heard the words: heart defect.

And how they hoped this was not true…And thought…this cannot be…I too…know just how this feels. This happened to me too. Some where some place today a man and a woman embrace…Their baby is in surgery…They long to see her face…They haven’t got to hold her yet…

Without…a cord or line…They pace the room awaiting news…And hope she will be just fine. Prayers fill this busy waiting room..And mom and dad are scared…

Somewhere……The tiniest hearts are repaired. Somewhere…someplace…today…A child’s growing fast…Smiling, laughing, thriving….Her mom thinks…can this last? It’s almost easy…to forget That anything is wrong…Somewhere…someplace…today…Her child seems so strong. Somewhere…someplace…today…A little girl fights…just to live…

A father holds her tiny hand…His love…all he can give..

Today…for just a moment…Stop…remember…reflect…

My life has been forever changed by a heart defect. ♥

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