Go Jedward

Hey guys, what an exciting few days. Sorry, I did mean to update you all sooner but it’s been hectic. The first really good news is that we are in the euro vision. Go Ireland and well done my favourite twins x x second nana and daddy had their official weight check and both are right on target I am happy to report. Unfortunately they both refused to let me post their weight but let’s put it this way- if I gained that much weight Dr Mc Mahon would be super impressed with me 🙂 so I will just keep updating you every week. I can tell you that nana lost six pounds this week. Go Nana x x I promise I will let you know at the end how much they both were at the start and how much they actually lost.

Well I was also really lucky and was blessed with the Padre Pio glove this week. I am so thankful for this guys. Mummy and daddy were blessed as well.

Another important bit of news is that my husband to be is been christened next week. I am in a super big dilemma about this guys. I want to look my best for him so as not to mortify him and also to get in the good books with the in laws and all that but I so don’t want to up stage him guys so I really am having a wardrobe crisis on my hands. Any advice would be much appreciated. Has anyone been in a similar situation? This is so playing on my mind guys. Dont know what to do! Looking forward to your update guys. Here is a pic of me and my lucky fellow – look at us matching prams. We are so the next posh and Becks ha ha 🙂 you can see by the pic he is a David ( always looking out for a photo opportunity) and I am doing the non smiling face like Victoria:-) i think i pull it off well. love ye lots like guys, your Baby B x x

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