Happy Birthday Nana

Hey guys, this week it was my Nana’s turn to have her birthday. Turns out everyone even old people get to have birthdays every year to celebrate the day they were born. Wow how cool is that! Nana got really nice presents, my grand dad got her an I phone so now she can face time Brooke and me and see us any time she wants. I am not sure about this guys ’cause this morning I forgot that she could see me running around the house and she caught me being bold to mummy- oh man I can’t get away with any thing now! Mummy and auntie Laura got them tickets to their favourite shows in the Opera house so grand dad and her can have loads of date nights and Brooke and I got her a cover for her new I Phone.

Auntie Laura made a lovely dinner for us in her house and she got nana a cake from Brooke and me. Then we all sung the song mummy and daddy made up for me but used Nana’s name instead. I didn’t mind sharing my “Happy Birthday” song with Nana because I love her.

Today mummy and I went for a long walk. Apparently mummy is trying to lose weight for Brooke’s Christening. This is really strange because I never heard of any one trying to lose weight. Every time the nurse weights me she is saying I need to gain weight. I just don’t know why mummy just doesn’t give me the weight she wants to lose then I won’t have to worry about gaining any and she doesn’t need to lose it. The way I see it she never will lose it because she is not very good at it. We walked for over an hour and there were loads of places that we could have lost her weight but mummy didn’t mange to lose any! I can’t see why she doesn’t see that this would be a win win situation for both of us if we just swapped.

Now I need to get ready for bed guys. Mummy and daddy are trying to get me back into routine again. I guess they are never going to learn that I do things my way. I am playing along with them for the moment as it is easier than having to calm them down when they get stressed ’cause I don’t go to sleep when they want me to or stay asleep during the night. Auntie Laura even got me some herbal stuff that is supposed to help me sleep. These guys just don’t get it, I don’t have time to sleep because I am just to busy enjoying my life and there’s loads of time for sleep when I am old. So I think it’s hilarious that even after witnessing me fighting hard core sedation in Crumlin and for the record beating the hard core sedation and managing to stay awake they think a few drops of gentle herbal medicine drops are going to work. Sometimes I wonder who the person new to this world is and who have been around for decades. I don’t know what they learned in all them years.

So as you can see I need to watch my back this week guys. Just in case they pull a fast one on me. I ll let you know how it goes.

Make sure you do something fun this week and think of me when you do, lots of love your Lady B x x






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