Happy Birthday to Me!

Well guys if this is what a Birthday is like I want one every week. I was listening to how my Godfather does it and I decided to take a leaf out of his book. So I am officially milking it and having a birthday Month. So my new date for my next BIG party is Saturday the 25th of February in my house.

I really can’t wait to have all my little friends over and go mad on chocolate buttons, rice crispy cakes and loads of sugar. I am planning really cool games as well guys and we even get to recycle our Halloween customs because it’s fancy dress:-) woo hoo. I am so excited I can barely wait.

My little party on the night of my actual birthday was really sweet. I had my family and my god father Mark and Gra over as well. They are all really nice and got me really cool things, but guys they are Ancient, like I am talking pre historic Ancient. I know for sure that my mummy and daddy are at least around 33, and I don’t know how but my grand parents are even older than that!

So as you can imagine it was kind of a quiet night. My baby Brooke is still no help to me at all in the ” if I can reach it, I can wreak it ” department so it was solely up to me to ’cause chaos. This is not an easy job for a single baby you know. If I had my boyfriend Daragh over then there would have been some drama, but no this six week post op ban thingy is a real pain in the nappy. I just can’t wait until its lifted next week and I can go back to socialising again with people outside my family and within my decade age group.

Anyway the really great thing about my party is that my family and my Godfather Mark and Gra really enjoyed themselves. These lot are so easily amused. I did kind of feel sorry for my uncle Mark, he knows I love him to bits because every time I see him I always give him a big love and take him around to see all the stuff in my house.

Guys I must say he is a total push over. I have him totally wrapped around my little finger. All I have to do is point and he takes me where I want to go. He even got me a princess car for my birthday – its cool, but uncle Mark forgot that he couldn’t lift me up under my arms because it still hurts so I decided to scream the place down and totally embarrass him. Well he needs to learn his lesson guys, now looking back I feel kind of bad for being so rude to my poor God Father. I had a read over the lovely card he got me and I know he really loves me so I am going to make it up to him next time he calls with a giant love. If you see him don’t tell him that I am friends with him yet because I think I can milk it a bit longer and maybe get some chocolate buttons out of him next time he calls – ha ha.

Well I guess I still haven’t told you the really exciting news about my favourite birthday present. I got a giant sized doggy from my cool uncle Pete. He is like super cool guys. Himself and my Auntie Laura are not as ancient as the rest of them and I think they can still vaguely remember what it’s like to be young, hip and cool like me. Now when I say vaguely, I mean vaguely. Anyway I just love my doggy scuff mc gruff, thanks again uncle Pete.

Mummy managed to get the full day off work just to concentrate on me and my big important day. We had so much fun on our girlie day. It was our first day out together in months since I had my operation so it was so special. Now that I can walk, eat my own lunch and show mummy how excited I am about things we have so much fun together. We went to the beach and wrote my name in the sand. Then we threw stones at the water and sat down and looked out to sea. Mummy told me loads of stories about us and our year together. I love my mummy, even if she is completely, totally mortifying sometimes.

Then we went to lunch in crosshaven and afterwards we fed the ducks. At this stage I was completely exhausted after my day and needed a little nap before all my guests arrived for my party. Mummy prepared everything while I slept. Daddy came home from work and when I woke up mummy, daddy and I danced around the kitchen while they sang a song they made up just about me. It’s called ” happy Birthday to you ” and it even has my name in it. I thought this was really nice of them. Sure god love them.

So when everything was ready my guests started to arrive and the rest is history. My nana and grand dad got me a really nice bean bag chair and nana rose and auntie Lauretta got me an Oso car. I just love my birthday and getting all my presents.

My best present however will always be my repaired heart from Crumlin. So I was super happy when the nice people from the fundraising department sent me millions of cards and told me that I made over 1,000 euro in donations all thanks to you guys. Ye are the best and truly made my birthday special and really helped all the people in Crumlin to help my friends and I who have special hearts like me. I know that they like me are very thankful to you.

So I am going to post loads of pictures tonight so you can see my wonderful birthday and my transition from your baby B to the big girl world. So signing off for the first time as a big girl your Lady B x x












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