Happy Days

Well guys the last two weekends have been just super. I have been so busy socialising that blogging is getting harder and harder. Sorry folks but life is interesting and busy that it’s getting harder and harder to blog every week but I promise to update you as regularly as I can every few weeks from now on.

So last weekend was my most favourite cousin in the whole worlds Christening. My Baby Dolly Dollyingston AKA Brooke. Guys she was just beautiful in my dress. Apparently “The Dress” also was first worn by my mummy on her christening day and then by my auntie Laura on hers but I don’t believe them because to be honest guys neither of them would ever fit into that dress no matter how much weight they lost.

We had the best day ever guys. When it was all over we started to prepare for my big day.

Mummy and auntie Laura spent the days before my party baking cakes and cookies and getting the house looking lovely for my big day. We had a big fancy dress party and I dressed up as a Bee. My guy Daragh came as superman. He is soooo cool guys. I did my best to impress him. I even won a medal for being the best birthday girl so I hope he was impressed with that. He won a medal for being a cool strong super guy and i was super impressed with that. All my friends came and everyone looked so great in their customs. I enjoyed myself so much that I just couldn’t wait a year to have another party so mummy, daddy and I are going to organise a teddy bear picnic in currrabinny Woods near my house once the weather gets better. I will post all the details as soon as we organise everything. I am getting excited already.

So right now I am busy playing with all my presents. Thanks everyone for the cool gifts. I love them all even if mummy was cross that you got me things ’cause you have all been so good to me already.

So I am going to say good night now. I love you all lots, a big mwah from you little lady B x x





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