Happy Days

I have like the best possible news in the whole world guys. Liadh and me are officially best friends. This is like super exciting guys. I am totally over the moon. Liadh just loves me. I really believed I would be too small to be her best friend. But it turns out that I am not. Happy Days for me.

I had another wonderful day today. All my friends came over and we got to hang out. Me and my guy Daragh had the best time ever. Oh and Tadgh, Liadh and Jason were here as well. I am really cool now that I am in the hip gangs club.

I heard mummy, auntie deb and auntie Gra talking about heading away on a stress free, relaxing girlie night in two weeks time. We are all staying in the Carlton spa hotel in Kinsale, having spa treatments, a four course dinner with wine and a lovely full 8 hour sleep without interruption.

I am so super excited about this. Obviously Liadh and I are going as well if it’s a girlie night away. That means no silly boys. I am going off to sort my wardrobe now guys. Can ye all let me know what a spa break is and what I need for it? Mummy hasn’t officially told me I am going yet but how could they have a fun filled relaxing and distressing time without Liadh and Me!

Like I hate to say it guys but their world revolves around us. Like take today for example mummy, deb and Gra spent the whole time running around after us. They didn’t get to sit down once, we are just that entertaining. So I really don’t know what they would do if we weren’t there. How boring their lives must have been without us. God how lucky they are.

Anyway I better head and try and google spa breaks. I would just hate to show up in the wrong outfit. Liadh is like super cool, today she even went wee wee in her potty all by herself. I would be totally mortified if I didn’t keep up to her standards. So catch ye all later. As it’s an extra special day I am posting loads of pics of my cool friends and me.

Love ye all lots like jelly tots your Baby B x x




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