Happy Easter Everyone

Well here’s to another Easter guys. This means loads of Chocolate eggs, presents for me and of course spending time with my lovely family and having loads of fun. It is also a very important day for holy God and Jesus and we are all going to church tomorrow before we head down to West Cork to my Nana and Grand dad. They are on their holidays in their mobile home so we are going to celebrate Easter there. Nana is holding an Easter egg hunt for Brooke and me. Who ever finds the Easter egg and presents gets to keep them. Guys this is major league exciting for me. I didn’t want to point this out to anyone but I am totally going to win! No body seems to realise that Brooke just sits there and looks pretty. She does have an amazing smile that distracts everyone. So the plan is – while everyone is busy cooing and ahhing over her I am going to find all the chocolate eggs and put them in our car before anyone realises. Ha ha result. Sometimes I worry that when I grow up I am not going to be as smart as I am now. To be honest guys adults are not very clever really, are they! anyway don’t worry I am going to share my Easter eggs with my baby Brooke and all my friends. I just want to be the winner that’s all.

So alot has happened since the last time I posted. I know I am not posting every week anymore. You see I am just really busy now guys. What with my new job redecorating the house every day and seeing my two boyfriends Daragh and Jason, life is really complicated.

Daragh’s party was a success. I wish I had not worried so much about it because in the end no body cared that I am both Daragh’s and Jason’s girlfriend. In fact the adults thought it was cute and funny. Phew. Apparently this will only last a few years. When you are older it’s frowned on so I am going to make the most of it while I can. In fact I may even find myself another boyfriend! What do you think?

Speaking of birthday party’s, it was my godfathers birthday this week. Guys, as you know he is ancient. He is running a marathon for me in June. He wants to raise loads of money for crumlin. I am going to tell you all about it in my next blog 🙂

I am really learning to communicate now guys. I can say so many words, my favourite one is beach. I love it because I love going to the beach but also because mummy and daddy get really embarrassed when I say it and point at people but usually the people just laugh. Strange! I can also say ass which means yes but like beach people think I am saying something else!!!!!

This week mummy and daddy are on holidays. We are going to go so many places. Yesterday we went to the farm. I love the farm, I got to feed the animals and I even got to pet the baby lambs, chickens and rabbits. Mummy made us a yummy picnic with eggie eggs because it was good Friday and daddy and I ate all the sandwiches, crisps and yummy Easter cake. I fed some of my sandwich to the black cat and she ate out of my hand. Mummy got a fright, I don’t know why! I wish she wouldn’t scream my name when she gets a fright because then I get a fright and I jump and daddy laughs – oh man. I love animals so much I think I am going to be a vet or else a farmers wife when I grow up.

During the week we are going to trabolgan holiday village. Barney is going to be there and there are loads of activities for me to do. Mummy and daddy are excited, nearly as much as me. As you can see guys, they are easily pleased.

Also daddy is going to take us for a spin in Daddy’s new boat. How exciting is that! This week is also the 100 year celebration of the famous Titanic. My auntie Laura, uncle Pete and baby Brooke live in Cobh so we will be visiting them and heading down to the celebrations.

So guys it looks like I have a busy week ahead. I hope that you have loads of plans for Easter and I hope you have a lovely time with your family and friends, until next time, lots of love your little lady B x x








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