Happy Me

Hi everyone, how are ye all doing! I am still loving my life. Only five and a half weeks old but having a ball. My doctor in cork says I am very advanced for my age. I could have told him that already if he had asked me. He talks mostly to mummy and daddy but he calls me his darling all the time. I think he says that to all the babies!

I am smiling all the time now cause I am so happy. This gets everyone around me really excited. I can also lift my head and look around me at everything. My two nans thinks that this is amazing. I just like to keep an eye on things and know what’s going on.

Mummy and daddy are trying to organise my blessing for Easter Saturday 23rd of april in my house. Its auntie lauras birthday that day but she needs to get used to me stealing her thunder 🙂 They hope that father Billy ( nana roses friend) can say a mass on this day. I hear it’s a really important week so I hope he will be free to say my mass. If he can’t we have to organise another day. You are all invited to my party. Mummy is sending out the invites when my thank you cards finally arrive. They haven’t come yet. I wait everyday for the postman to come with them but everyday there’s no sign ;-( so don’t worry if you haven’t got yours yet. It’s on the way.

Mummy had a night out with her lovely friends on Thursday night. They were really good to her when she was worried about me so i didnt mind. They went for dinner in Douglas. I knew mummy felt really guilty leaving me so I cried the house down for a half an hour before she left to show her I would really miss her. Don’t know why I bothered to put all this stress on myself cause this made her worse and more upset. I thought she wasnt going to go but daddy made Her. She kept texting to see if I was ok. I was fine like ! Daddy is the best minder ever !

It was daddy’s turn to go out with his friends last night. I was super good for mummy and auntie Laura who were minding me. I like to be on my best behaviour when my aunties are here. They just love me you know.

Anyway going for a big cuddle with mummy and daddy now. Then in about twenty minutes when i get bored i will scream to get them up out of bed. I am learning quickly how to be the boss. Think we are going shopping today for loads more lovely things for me. Can’t wait 😉

Talk to you soon. Love ye all B x x

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