Happy month birthday to me

Well guys I am a month old today:-) what a busy life this is. Mummy told me I have to be less dramatic next month. I gave her many frights this month. Daddy is a little calmer than her but with me around he is turning into a bit of a worrier himself. Anyway I am going to try my best to have a less eventful month this month. It will mean I will only update my blog every couple of days instead of every day as a normal babies life is kind of boring you know. That’s what mummy and daddy want so I guess I better at least try.

Sorry guys I know ye all love reading about me and I am really lucky to have so many fans. Hope ye guys still keep checking in on me. Can’t believe I have way over six thousand hits already to my blog page. Don’t know what that means but daddy was really impressed with me so that made me happy.

Anyway better fill you all in on what’s been happening in my life over the last few days. I have been super good at this trying to be a normal baby thing. I am taking my bottles, having really stinky dirty nappies and I heard that keeping mummy and daddy up all night is normal to so I have decided to do that as well. It’s so funny to see mummy trying to keep herself awake and singing silly songs about blind mice, mice running up clocks and cows jumping over the moon. Really did you ever hear any of these songs they are depressing and don’t tell her but she has a really bad singing voice. So it’s easy to stay awake all night when your putting up with that Ha Ha. Daddy isn’t much better but at least he plays songs to me on his I phone so it’s easier on my little ears.

This weekend mummy and daddy brought me to the beach that mummy used to go to when she needed to clear her head after she found out about my special heart. I remember that week as well back in September last year. I could feel she was very sad all the time. She used to cry all day for a week. I used to do riverdance in her belly when she got sad cause that used make her laugh and call daddy to let him feel my cool kicks but after she found out about my special heart that made her cry even more so I stopped for a while cause I was sad as well.

However thanks to all my wonderful new heart friends mummy got happier and look at us now 🙂 now we can visit that same beach as a family. Mummy started crying again when she got to the beach. Daddy told me that was because of memories. That’s a new word for me so got to look that one up! I have posted a picture of mummy and me at the beach. Excuse mummy as I said she was not the best that day. Me on the other hand always seem to make a good picture. I don’t know how I do it 😉

Mummy and daddy still have not got around to helping me write my thank you cards. I remind them everyday but these two are taking ages to get into routine. I took to it in no time and I am only a month old. Anyway will keep working on them this week.

So just to let you guys know that I am so thankful for all the neat presents ( picked up that bit of slang from my cousin Frankie in Canada ) the prayers specially from my grand aunt Monica who I now look like – well that’s what everyone is saying this week. Also all the prayers and many phone calls to see how I am from all the gang down in west cork and mummy’s godmother in England. She is supposed to be a very nice lady so can’t wait to meet her when she visits Ireland next.

I am supposed to be very like the Nagles personality wise so at least I got something from mummys side of the family. I am lovely and nice and well behaved nearly all of the time! I don’t cry or do anything wrong or bold but don’t get on the wrong side of me or you’ll see my temper. Like delaying getting my bottle or trying to fool me to put me to sleep faster usually sets me off. Mummy just said I made a funny. She is helping me with my blog tonight. Daddy is busy trying to sort out the thank you cards. I really need a secretary. Trying to keep on top of my correspondence is a full time job.

Well I guess I better hit the hay I need to get some sleep before I wake at one to entertain daddy and mummy for the night. It’s hard work to keep them awake at night but someone has got to do it.

Love ye all, night night B x x

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