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I would just like to say a really big thank you to all the lovely people of Cork and all over the world who prayed for me and sent positive thoughts my way this Christmas season. As you probably know by now as you read my blog often I am a really special little girl who was born with a special heart. However I had loads of new subscriptions to my blog in the last few weeks so I am just writing a quick up date to ensure everyone catches up on my story.

Before the stork bought me to my mummy and daddy he told them that I would have a special heart and would need loads of tender loving care when I was born. My mummy and daddy were very worried about me.Thankfully the lovely people at Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin looked after me when I was born and right up to today.

On Monday evening the 19th of December, Crumlin called to let my mummy and daddy know that there was a cancellation in surgery for Wednesday the 21st of December and that I got the spot and needed to travel to Dublin the very next Morning.

This was really scary for my family as they had been told during my heart Cath on the 5 th of December that my operation was really risky due to extra unexpected complications and that recovery would be rocky. My family were looking forward to making my Christmas really special and preparing themselves for my operation in 2012.

Thankfully we all got the best present ever with my uncomplicated surgery and my speedy recovery. I hope that I will continue to be blessed with good health and no complications. Obviously Holy God and Santa had something to do with all this as it all happened the week of Jesus’s birthday and directly after mummy, daddy and I visited Santa and asked him for only one thing this Christmas, my health.

So guys as you can see I am one of the really lucky baby’s up in Crumlin. I am doing super. Unfortunately there are alot of baby’s and kids up here who are not. Also Crumlin Children’s hospital does not have enough money to cover all the wonderful work they do. They do their absolute best to give every family up in Crumlin the best present that they will ever get. A chance at Life, A Chance for their children to live a long, happy, healthy life. My family are lucky we have got our present already.

My next wish this Christmas season is that all the families up in Crumlin will be lucky like me. We all need to ensure that all the future family’s out there who don’t know it yet but will need Crumlin’s children’s hospital one day will also be lucky enough to still have these amazing doctors and nurses there for them. My mummy and daddy did not think that they would ever need Crumlin Children’s Hospital. I guess Nobody ever thinks of these things. However what would happen if you were faced with needing the hospital in the morning? It could be for your child, your grand child, your niece or Nephew or any Child you know that’s close to you. What happens if that facility is not available to you! Many things that they do in this hospital is underfunded. In the 1980’s the last time Ireland had no money and was really poor like now they had to stop doing some heart operations on kids and ended up sending them to Boston. Can you just imagine how much extra stress this would cause a family facing a six hour OHS on their little baby. I can’t because my mummy and daddy were hard enough for me to deal with and I was lucky enough to have my surgery here in Ireland.

The doctors and nurses in Ireland work so hard up there. The day of my operation was the 21 st of December. This is the shortest day of the year. Yet it was the longest day ever in my families life. I didn’t get out of my operation until twenty to seven and it was eight thirty before I went to ICU. All the surgeons and clinical illness nurses were still here talking to my mummy and daddy, taking care of me and helping all of us. This is what they do in their life everyday. Yet these are the people who are making less money and getting less funding than ever.

I heard some of them telling my mummy that they were moving away next year because they can’t keep working like this and supporting their families that they don’t see very much of as they spend loads of extra time in here looking after us. I really don’t know what all the new families are going to do if they don’t have the amazing support that was given to our family during our stay in Crumlin.

So I have decided to do something about this but I really need your help. This year instead of birthday presents for my first birthday which is the 20 th of this month I would like if everyone who is thinking of getting me a present would instead send a donation to the Fundraising department of our Lady’s Children’s hospital, Crumlin Dublin with a little note saying it is on my behalf – Béibhinn O’ Connor and also include your name on it. Then all the money will go to the cardiac department. My mummy has made a special arrangement with them about this already. Please send my present before the 20 th of January. That’s my birthday day because then the nice people in the fundraising department will send me a little card on your behalf saying that you made a donation for me for my Birthday and I would love to have loads of cards for my Birthday.

Of course you are all invited to my Birthday party. I am having two birthdays this year. One on the 20 th of January with my family and then a massive one in the summer when I am all better. You guys are invited to the summer one. I am going to start planning it soon and will let ye all know the details once it’s finalised.

So guys thanks a million for everything, your prayers and support has really helped us all. Love you, your Baby B x x

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