Happy st patricks day

Ok I know St Patricks day was yesterday but I was so busy yesterday I didn’t get a chance to up date my blog – oh man! Well I drove through the main street in Carrigaline just before the parade started so it was like I was in the parade;-) all the people on the street saw me so I am famous. Well kind of. I am too small to go to the parade this year. Maybe I can go to the carrigaline one next year with my friends Tadgh, Jason, Liadh and her new sister or brother.

Then yesterday after my parade through carrigaline we visited my auntie Laura and Uncle Pete in their house on the great island (Cobh) they made us a yummy dinner – I stuck with my milk just to be on the safe side. Then we popped into see auntie Lauretta and nana rose. They brought me loads of lovely things.

Today nana, grand dad, mummy and me went to Douglas court and had lunch and printed out loads of lovely photos of me. Mummy has four full days off work so she is spoiling me. I spend my day smiling at her. This gets her all excited and too be fair it doesn’t take much to excite her and entertain her.

Would you believe there is still no news from my new best friend. She was supposed to arrive last Sunday but she is really dragging her heels and refusing to come out. I think she is bold like her mummy and will be a bad influence on me just like her mummy was on mine. Only Joking Auntie Deb 🙂 Poor auntie deb must be going mental at this stage. Poor auntie Deb – I love u x x

I have my appointment in Crumlin on Monday to see how I am getting on. Mummy has been stressed out all week about it. I don’t know why I am doing really well. I couldnt be better if I tried. Still mummy is a worrier I guess and will always be a stress bag. I have to get used to it.

Love ye all guys- have a great weekend. B x x x

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