Have fun Daddy

Hey everyone, how are ye all keeping? Me ! I am doing great, my friend Sadhbh came home from crumlin today so I am super excited over that 🙂 I am going to set up a play date with her next week. Daddy and his friends are heading down to daddy’s uncle johny for the weekend. It’s uncle johny’s birthday you see and he is having a big party to celebrate. Also my grand aunt aunty mon is coming all the way over from Canada. I so can’t wait to meet her guys. It’s going to be great. I am going to do my best to be on my super best behaviour.

Also my mummy’s cousin is getting Married tomorrow so my nana, grand dad and my auntie Laura and uncle Pete have headed up to Athlone for the wedding. I am still too little to go to weddings and big grown up birthday party’s so mummy is staying here to Mind me.

We are going to have such a fun weekend together, i just can’t wait.

So that’s all the news that I have. I ll talk to you all again real soon.

Lots of love your baby B x x

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