Heart to heart

Well everyone it’s been 458 days since my arrival and I finally got to go on holidays. It was only a mini holiday and you are never going to guess where mummy and daddy brought me for my first big trip away! They only went and took me to Dublin! Oh man I thought it might have been Disney land or something but no I went back to the big smoke, back to where it all began 458 long days ago.

You see this holiday was covering many bases. Firstly it covered my big heart check in Crumlin. By the way I did excellent and Dr Colin Mc Mahon is well pleased with me. He said my heart function is ” excellent” and that the operation circulation is working really well. My leaky AV Valve is still moderate but stable. In fact his exact words where” guys this is a good visit, from where you started we couldn’t ask for anymore than how she is doing now” he even said I was lovely and pink and had a real good colour.

I didn’t like to say that was from all the screaming, kicking and hitting I was doing while he was trying to examine me. He called me feisty! I will give him feisty one of these days when I am big enough to stick the echo scanner on his heart and see how he likes it!

Anyway I better stop giving out about him because mummy and daddy just loves him and thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread! Hmmmmm. So guys you can just imagine how delighted my mummy and daddy were. They practically skipped back to the car.

Daddy dropped us back to the hotel after the appointment because he had to go back to work. Daddy is working in Dublin now you see, which brings us to the second reason I was up in Dublin.

We got to spend time with my daddy in the evenings when he finished work. During the day mummy and I got to hang out. Now usually mummy and I have a great time hanging out together but for some reason mummy was acting really strange that day.

She kept telling me stories about the hotel and what it was like before I was born. It was really spooky. We walked around the back of the hotel to an apartment block. I was so bored but by the way mummy was acting I decided I would keep quiet and just continue to put my arms around her neck. Mummy looked really surprised when she pushed the front door of the building and it opened. She said it was strange because it used to always be locked before.

Guys mummy kept getting stranger and stranger. Next thing I know we are climbing up these really quiet stairs up to a big long corridor with a big brown door at the end that said number 17.

Mummy walked down the corridor with me held so tightly in her arms I nearly protested but something stopped me. Then she touched the door and made me do the same. Then something even stranger happened. Water came running out of mummy’s eyes. Kinda like when I fall off what ever I am climbing on and bang my head really hard. However mummy didn’t make any sounds like I do. When I cry mummy says Marion and Brian our neighbours can hear me. So I guess it’s not the same thing.

Mummy said ” Sorry” to me! I don’t know why she said this. She then told me that when I was in her tummy she used to walk this same corridor every night from the 17 th of December 2010 to the 18 th of January 2011 while they were waiting for the stork to deliver me.

She said she would walk up and down this long corridor 30 times every night and each time she got to the door she would touch it just like she made me touch it. Then she told me how she would talk to me in her mind every night and how she pictured me and prayed that one day she would hold me in her arms and be able to walk that corridor and touch the door.

Now the water was really running down mummy’s face. She told me that she was so thankful God sent me to her and so happy her prayers were answered and she got her wish to walk down this corridor with me and touch the brown door with the number 17 on it.

God I am really happy you sent me to my mummy and daddy as well. Everyday we thank You. However Holy God it would have been really great if you had given my mummy some imagination! Like here we are in a boring, long cold corridor that’s really quiet and kinda spooky with the most exciting thing being a brown door with 17 on it and this is all mummy wanted and all mummy prayed for from the 17 th of December to the 19 th of January!

Oh Man if only she had imagination and had prayed for an all expensive, inclusive trip to Disney land with VIP passes to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse things would be really different right now, you know what I am saying!

Anyway I decided to let the madness continue and let mummy have her moment! So I just rubbed her hair and gave her a mwah. Big mistake, this just made more water run down her face. Oh man……

So finally we got back to the hotel and mummy decided it was retail therapy time. Woo hoo Liffey Valley here we come. Mummy spent a packet on me and because I did so good in my appointment I got to pick out some new toys. Then we had lunch in Mc Donald’s and I went for a little nap while mummy did some shopping for herself. We ended up having a great day.

When we got back to the hotel mummy went for a swim and daddy and I got to hang out together and play with all my new toys. I showed daddy my new shoes and all my new clothes. I know he is really interested because he always smiles when i start my fashion parade.

Then we went to dinner and I got yummy sausages and watched Oso on mummy’s i phone in my high chair. Mummy was re capping our very strange experience with the brown door to daddy and I sure wasn’t planning on wasting any more of my time on that.

On Saturday nana, grand dad, auntie Laura, uncle Pete and my baby came up to see me. I thought that was very nice of them until I heard they were actually here for my Grand auntie and Grand uncle’s 60 th birthday party. Which brings us to the third and final reason we are in Dublin. Now I don’t know was it the shock of somebody being 60 th or the fact that it wasn’t Moi they were coming to see that got me! I will have to think about that one!

I did get over it because only last week my new best friend Lana and her mummy and sister came all the way from Galway just to see me. Lana is the only other girl in Ireland that we know of that had LAI Heterotaxy like me. She had to have her three operations in one as well. So we have alot in common and that’s why we are now best friends. I brought her to Fota, kinsale and Blarney and we spent the whole weekend holding hands. Our mummy’s had loads of heart to heart conversations as well and they are best friends now as well:-) ahhhhhh

Also since I saw you last I have been on a big Easter egg hunt with Grand dad but that’s a story for another day.

I am signing off now as I have a big day tomorrow. It’s my auntie Laura’s birthday. I need to entertain her and give her loads of mwahs. Also Daddy’s birthday is on Thursday so I have alot to do. Talk to you all real soon. Be good, lots of love your little lady B x x










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