Hello from Heaven

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Hello from Heaven,

Well guys it has been a long time since I had to write to you on this blog! You see you all were only ever able to understand me when I started speaking to you. When I was in my mummy’s tummy and when I was a baby….. ye just could not hear me. It is kind of the same thing right now! I am here next to you, but you cannot hear me. That is why I just had to come back and visit you and tell you that I am around you every minute of every day. I can see my mummy’s tears and her heartache. I hear my daddy’s prayers and how he does not understand how this happened. I can feel the sadness and devastation from you all. All of you that knew me, please know I am here with you right now as you read this. Please try and feel my presence. I promise I am here!

So what I have to say is this….” stop this nonsense right now, stop feeling sad,” you know well I didn’t like people being sad. You also know that I was always bigger than this life. I was never meant to be in this world forever. I think I need to tell you my story so that you can all see for yourselves that you all loved an angel.

Exactly ten years previous to the day I left you, myself and my angel buddies were playing in the most magnificent playground you will ever see. You do not have playgrounds like this down on earth, so I know that right now you all have a completely different image in your head. This playground had planes you could jump out of and land on all the beautiful white clouds. I loved jumping from one cloud to the next. I was the biggest messer of all the angels. When Holy God told us to go to bed, I would always push it and try to get in just one more cloud. This is how I got caught to go to earth that day and live amongst you all. I was the last angel jumping on the beautiful clouds that sunny magnificent Friday evening on the 17th of September 2010. Holy God, Mary and Jesus all stood over me… oh, oh I just knew I was in trouble again. I really must try to learn how to “walk” and stop jumping…... Mary turned to me with her beautiful soft face and enchanting voice, “Holy God needs to speak with you in his office B”. Oh Goodness…. This can’t be good.

My shaking legs and trembling hands meant I could barely walk to Holy God’s office that day never mind jump. I never knew how to walk, not even in Heaven. I was always running and jumping you see, long before I went to Earth. What was all this about? Once we all got seated in our cosy clouds the three of them told me a story.

Down on earth there was this lady and man who loved each other so very much. However, they were desperately sad. All they ever wanted was a little baby to love. In heaven each baby soul is set out in the stars for thousands of years. Every soul is connected and sent to the person that It has been chosen for. This couple had no soul set out in the stars for them. They were never meant to have a baby.

However, what Holy God had not planned for is that this lady and man would just never give up until they got their dreamed for baby. They kept trying and trying and trying. They became sadder and more desperate. They would have done anything for a baby, and they did!

Right now, the mummy was pregnant with a baby, but the baby had no soul. Holy God could not have this at all, no baby can be born without a soul. So, this is where I came in. Holy God explained to me that I needed to go down to earth from my beautiful home in Heaven and make this families dreams come true. Holy God had to send them an angel, he had no other choice. So he sent my soul down to that baby that very day. He does not do this lightly. In fact, it is rarely done and only in very exceptional circumstance. An Angel cannot leave heaven unless they make an enormous difference on earth. So, there was a catch for both the family and I. During my short time on earth I needed to make a difference, I needed to create an impression and change the world forever.

I was given a heart defect so my mummy and daddy would never take for granted their gift from God. I was only lent to them for exactly ten years to the day that they found out their longed-for baby was a heart baby. This is the length of time that we all agreed I could stay on earth for. I promised Holy God that everyone I met on earth would remember me and that I would make an excessively big difference in my short years on earth.

Holy God knew that 2020 was going to be a dark place for the people on earth. Humans were becoming more and more materialist; kindness was disappearing from the world. Then the pandemic arrived and the whole wide world became so sad. No one is incredibly happy anymore. This made me cry and I do not cry very often as I am the smiling angel. The most important thing in the world to me is too be happy and kind. My mummy on earth whispered this to me every single morning. “Always be kind B”. I decided that this was my goal down on earth. I needed to spread kindness everywhere I went and when I had to return home to heaven it would be my mummy and daddy’s role to continue this in my name.

I told Holy God and Mary my plan and they were delighted. I told them how I would create a world of love around my family so that every where we would go people would remember us. My mummy could always tune into me and know exactly what was going to happen to me. She knew when she was pregnant that there was something wrong with her baby long before the doctors and nurses told her so and she knew from the moment I was born that she would have to bury me one day. She also knew for the last four years that my valve operation would be where she would have to say goodbye to me. You see I told her all these things before they happened so I could prepare her. I knew she would not manage if she did not have a warning and time to process what was going to happen. So, from the moment Holy God decided to send me to her I spoke to her like I am doing to you now.

This is where you all come in. You are my messengers here on earth. All of you who loved me have such an important job to do for me. You need to help me to change the world and fulfil my promise to Holy God. I promised Holy God I would spread kindness all around the world. You all keep asking my mummy and daddy what you can do. It is not what can you do! It is what you need to do for me…. Please take on my challenge and make the world a better place to live in. We need to give this world back to God to make it happy again. This is my wish.

So please do not cry for me unless they are happy tears of joy. I was never meant to be with you for longer than I was. I always had to go back home. I am so lucky to have been born into the craziest, nuttiest family on earth. They suited my personality down to the ground. Holy God was hoping they would tame me, but they only made me more nuts. Don’t worry, Holy God just laughed at me as I bounded back into heaven.

I also have the best of friends on Earth. Once again Holy God did not get his wish for them to quieten me…. they are as mad as me and only made me more fun, crazy, and mad as a hatter. I am going to look after them and guard them all the days of their lives. I love them so much.

I do miss you all as well, but I am the lucky one because I can see you and shine down on you whenever I want to. I am so lucky to have spent so much time with you on earth. I am with you always, every day. When you see a butterfly or a bee that is me B saying hello to you and telling you everything is going to be ok, talk to me and I will help you with your worry. When the sun suddenly shines brighter and stronger on you, that is when I am smiling down on you and remembering things we did together and when you see a rainbow shining down, this is for my mummy. Please send her a photo so she can see me and smile.

Please speak of me often and remember me. Tell your children and your children’s children that they have a guardian Angel protecting them always in Heaven.

Now your Challenge is set – go forth and complete it in my name and make me proud. Every single person who knew me know that it was not a coincidence that we met. I chose you that Friday the 17th of September 2010 before I left Heaven to join you on earth. Each person I met I meant to meet. You were all part of my plan; in Heaven we call you my “soul mate”. So if we were close to each other and you knew me then you are my “soul mate” and you belong to my “Soul cluster”.

Whether you know it or not I made a difference in your life. I waved my angel heart on you and blessed you with many things. You may not even know exactly what I blessed you with, but you have learned many lessons from me in your life and I was so delighted to do so. I will continue to do my best for you in Heaven to help you until we meet again. Some of you I will see soon but for most of you it will be a long time for you to wait to see me. Your work is not finished here on Earth and you need to do your best to live the best life that you can. For me it is but a fleeting moment until I see you again, time in Heaven is different to Earth.

Now it is your turn to pay it forward. All the details of my challenge are in the Random acts of kindness” tab on the website. Do your best with this please and keep my legacy going. I will be checking in with you sometimes letting you know how things are going up here. If you dream of me that is me letting you know I am near you. I promise you I will be there to welcome you when its your time to come home. I will be at the golden gates waiting for you with open arms and my big smile. You might not recognise the angel version of me at first, but I will be the angel with a pink balloon and an excessively big welcome home party for you like only I can throw them.

All my love always and for forever,


Angel B

a.k.a 'The Heart Angel'

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