Hello St Bridget’s

Guys I am totally kicking butt up here and knocking everyone’s socks off. My critical illness nurse told mummy that I should be in ICU for up to nine days at least due to how difficult my three in one operation is. My high pressures and my leaky valve is supposed to make my recovery a little longer and a lot more rocky. So far I don’t know what they are on about, I just want to get up and play.

As usual mummy is still worried about me and stressed out and in turn daddy gets stressed listening to mummy. I think if I started doing kart wheels down st Bridget’s ward they still wouldn’t be happy. Well daddy would but mummy would probably still find something to stress about! I really don’t know what I can do with her.

So now I am on the big kids ward. Not sure if I like it here or not. Its not as nice as my last wards. I am going to head now guys ’cause Nana ah ah has got me loads of new toys and I have a full two days of playtime to catch up on, like that’s massive guys! I don’t think I have ever been so behind and then I guess I better have a little nap.

Until tomorrow your favourite baby B x x



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