Hello world!

Well it’s now one week to my due date. Mummy is getting really impatient now. She really wants to meet me but I am happy enough in here. It’s nice and warm.

I can’t do river dance any more cause I don’t have much room. I think this makes mummy worried cause she likes when I move around alot. I heard her tell daddy that she thinks I am strong cause I hurt her sometimes. I don’t mean to do that but if it keeps her happy what’s a girl going do?

I am really lucky cause I have really nice grand parents. You see I am the first grand child for both mummy and daddies family and I have a feeling I am going to be spoilt rotten. Also I have a nice auntie Lauretta who talks to me all the time and tells me to be strong. I also have a crazy auntie Laura who keeps buying me things. She is coming up to visit us tomorrow. Got a feeling she is going to be my cool aunt who let’s me get away with everything. Need to get in her good books fast:-)

Both my aunties are my god mothers. I have two ! How lucky am i ! Also mummy and daddy have some cool friends who are really helping us out. My godfather mark is feeding my fish ever day. That’s right I have a big fish tank already with loads of tropical fish and two budgies. I heard mummy say to daddy that I can have anything I want if I come home with them so going to fight hard to make sure I come home really soon.

Hopefully I will be there before my best friend is born in march. I know it’s going to be a girl like me and she is going to be my best friend just like her mummy is best friends with my mummy. Don’t mind if it’s a boy however cause that will save me a job of finding a boyfriend 🙂 I am promised to Jason, mummy’s other best friends son and my godfathers son so I have a choice 🙂

Mummy and daddy have also found me some really great friends who are just like me. I know that my new friends are Abbey, Jay, Lana and Conor 🙂 in ireland but I am really lucky to have loads more pen pals all over the world. I will be able to keep in touch with them when daddy buys me my own iphone and i dont have to keep using his one.

All these new friends are really brave and strong and I can’t wait to meet them and chat with them on line.

Well that’s all from me for tonight. Haven’t decided if tonight is the night to meet everyone or not. I like to keep everyone on their toes and guessing as you know 🙂 As you can tell I am a little drama queen who loves attention.

Talk to u all soon. Need to get some rest now and beauty sleep for opening night. Have a busy week ahead.

Lots of love and heart hugs B x x

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