Holiday week

So guys I have been an extremely busy little lady this week. I had so many engagements to attend I felt like the Queen, Actually I may have had a few more than her.

So my week started with helping mummy try to chill out on Monday. It was the first day of her holidays and I found her answering her e – mails when I woke up from my morning cat nap. I decided that we just couldn’t have that, so we had a play date together. I like to keep busy and get many things done in one day. So I started in my walker, I ran around the kitchen chasing mummy. That was so much fun. It kept me laughing out loudly and screaming for joy. Then we played together on my play mat. I can now turn over all by myself and walk across the floor when someone holds my hands. Then we played in my baby bouncer, had a little swing on my swing and finally went for a walk around the estate in my new purple trike. This is my new favourite thing to do.

On Tuesday mummy, auntie Laura and I called to nana and grand dad in their mobile home in west Cork. They are on holidays there this week cause they don’t have to mind me at all. We went for a lovely grand dad day Lunch. I gave grand dad all his presents and he loved them.

On Wednesday I had my play date with my friend Sadhbh. She is so much fun. I am going to her big sisters birthday in two weeks time. I am so excited about that.

Also last night I went to the Boson to meet my grand auntie mon and Ashley before they go home to Canada. I was super sad to say good bye because I might not see them for a whole year. That’s like for ever guys. Oh man why is Canada so far away? Why can’t it be near like Kinsale ! then I could see her every week. Do you know who I could talk to about swapping Canada for Kinsale? Auntie Laura and Mummy are always swapping things and it seems like an easy thing to do so I guess it should nt be to difficult.

Finally today I went to visit mummy’s really good friend Michelle. Her sister Marie was there as well and of course my future mother in law, my husband to be and my best friend Liadh. So guys as you can imagine I was on my super best behaviour. I didn’t want to disgrace myself by acting up. As a result they all loved me. So now guys I am back home chilling with mummy. I had one of my best weeks ever. I love my life guys.

Till the next time your Baby B x x

Ps – I am posting loads of pics cause there are just so many 🙂





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