Hey everyone, hope ye all had a lovely week. This week was so great. We had what mummy and daddy calls “holidays”. Now I really don’t understand why we don’t just do this every week! Man holidays are so much fun.

On Sunday we went to Fort Camden in crosshaven. I snored my way through this. What did they except when they brought me there during my nap time! Then we went to the fun fair and I took mummy on the lady bird ride and daddy took a video of us. We had lunch in cronins pub which have the best high chairs in the world. Mummy then got us all ice cream and I had loads of mummy’s ’cause we were on holidays and it was ok to have ice cream on holidays.

On Monday we went shopping ’cause it was raining. You should see all my new wonderful toys. They are amazing guys.

On Tuesday we went to Bere island so I could get loads of pictures of me as a baby at my great, great nana’s house. I was so excited to meet my great, great nana but I couldn’t find her any where. I thought it was a bit rude of her considering I travelled all the way down to see her and took a long boat ride over to the island. Oh well maybe next time.

On Wednesday we went to leahy’s farm. This was my absolute favourite day of my holidays. I got to see all the animals. I just love animals guys. They are like the best thing ever. I am going to ask Santa for a farm. I hear if your really good you get to go on the nice list and you get everything you ask for. So as it’s only four months to Christmas I really Gota start to be good because I really want a farm with loads of animals. It will be so much fun for mummy, daddy and me. We can spend the day feeding them and minding them. Now I am not telling mummy and daddy yet about the farm. This is between you, me and Santa clause ok. I just can’t wait to see their faces on Christmas morning when they see the farm and all the animals. Guys I just can’t wait.

So on Thursday we went to spike island. I didn’t like this place at all. Mummy on the other hand loved it. She is a bit strange that way. The boat ride over to the island was kinda cool and it felt strange been on an island where loads of people were sent to jail. The tour guide started talking and guess what guys I started snoring. Now when I snore, I snore. Daddy says it’s like an old man. I totally mortified mummy and daddy because everyone on the tour was trying not to laugh and the tour guide man found it hard to concentrate with all my snoring. Well guys that’s what ye get for boring me. If you wanted me to stay awake then you should have taken me back to the farm.

On Friday nana and grand dad minded me while mummy and daddy went to see Darius Rucker and Brad Paisley. That’s all I will say about that guys. I was so not impressed at them for not taking me to my absolute favourite singer of all time. Oh well……

Now it’s the weekend and we are chilling. Holidays is over tomorrow and we all have to go back to work. That means more entertaining and minding my nana’s and grand dad. Oh man it’s a hard life but some baby has Gota do it.

Talk to ye all next week. As always your Baby B x x






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